Not Minimalist

Not Minimalist

Here’s what I think. Many people believe they are no good at drawing and painting because they stop too soon. They get to the ‘ugly stage’ of creating and think it’s not working and give up.

I say ADD TWO MORE THINGS! It’s double the opposite of what Coco Chanel recommends – “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.
Each month in the Shiny Happy Art Club I release a new painting, and at the end of it I tell you three things you’ve #accidentallylearned by painting with me. It’s these learnings that you can then draw on to be your “two more things” to get you through the ugly stage and out the other side.
So if you’re more Iris, and less Coco, I think we can be friends. And I’d say consider joining the waitlist for the Shiny Happy Art Club. Enrollments will be open for a week in November. There’s no obligation and you might just find the #artfriends you’ve always wanted.
New Online Paint Along for July 2021

New Online Paint Along for July 2021

Anna and Caravan Dreaming

I’m delighted to share ‘Caravan Dreaming’.

Quite a few years ago, my sister and her family set off on what was planned to be a 12 month caravan dream holiday.

Except it wasn’t a total holiday. She’d be home schooling her 9 year old son and the two younger ones would be doing their thing… let’s just say they may not have lasted even six months!

The Sydney shopping centre croc-stuck-in-the-escalator incident has become family folklore.


But obviously there were some wonderful memories made, and my sister has wanted me to do a caravan painting ever since.

So Online Paint Along #30 is ‘Caravan Dreaming’ (there you go, Lauren) and it’ll be released on 1 July.  A super colourful one, I’ll show you how to knock back the mountains to show distance, to add BRIGHT shadows, and how to paint quirky chooks!

And you know what? The end of the month is always the BEST time to join the Shiny Happy Art Club.

Not only do you get your FREE Online Paint Along straight away (right now that’s ‘Parisian Flowers’), but your first monthly painting in your subscription arrives super soon (ie. ‘Caravan Dreaming’ on the first of the month – which is only 5 days away!).

Join the Shiny Happy Art Club now.

The new improved Shiny Happy Club will get you painting!

The new improved Shiny Happy Club will get you painting!

Shiny Happy Art Club

On New Years Day 2017 I started deliberately trying to sketch every day. I decided on ‘everyday-ish’ and the first sketch was not about much – an empty chocolate nuts bottle and a pair of scissors or something… sketched with coloured biros. As much as I’ve always been a ‘draw-er’, that was the year my confidence grew. By drawing lots and lots of things I became confident enough to try sketching anything, and I still try and sketch every day.

In 2018, after teaching adults face to face for almost 7 years, it became so evident to me that the people who had the most confidence to paint with me, who started as beginners, were the ones who painted often. And that was the idea that sparked the Paint Along of the Month Club, launched in January 2019.

The idea of painting every month means that the learning with each painting has time to sink in, that you can try a variety of subjects and approaches, and at the end of the year you have at least 12 paintings to show for the learning that you’ve done.

Just a week ago I released Paint Along #22 in the Club series – I’m now working on the next three paintings – and I love doing it and sharing it.

I love the accessibility – I can jump on and do a painting whenever the mood strikes. And they can be painted within a reasonable amount of time which make it easier to fit in and makes you feel as though you are accomplishing. Plus your bright and encouraging teaching style Anna. It’s a delight to join in! DI, Club Member
I love your style of painting, I love your happy and encouraging personality! You have opened the door to the world of creating art to me, in a fun and not too demanding way. I am never reluctant to try a new piece because you have a way of walking me through it that makes it fun, even though I am not an artist, just a beginner who loves to work with colour. BECKY, Club Member
100% love it! It is so joyous & satisfying & mostly relaxing 😁, once I’ve let go of the high expectations I put on myself. RHYL, Club Member

As the Club has grown, and the lovelies that have been with me from the beginning are sharing more, we’re growing up and renaming as the SHINY HAPPY ART CLUB.

From January 2021 I will be including my demonstration collection videos in the Club (ie. free to Club Members). These have been $22-44 each month and while some people have sketched along with everything in the collection, others have chosen, and enjoyed sketching, their favourites!

All paintings up to #24 (released January 2021) will have ‘lifetime access’ (for the life of the website). From then on they will be included and available while a membership subscription is current.

Of course, if you do want to keep a particular class, you can buy whichever ones you choose at a discounted price.

The way the class platform is set up, I will be able to add even more bonuses for members, and if that gets you wanting to sketch and paint more, because I give you more options and inspiration, well… that’s where the joy lives. It’s exciting!

So join me.

Here’s the link to sign up 🙂

So I can focus on all of you lovely members, I’ll be closing the doors of the Club for a while on 15 December. So tell your friends, get your paints out and ready… and let’s go!

March Paint Along of the Month is LIVE!

March Paint Along of the Month is LIVE!

This month we’re painting LLAMA FIESTAs in the Paint Along of the Month Club and you are invited!

You have four options:

  • wait two months until it goes on sale to non-club members for $44 AUD (still very good value, I promise)
  • sign up to a monthly subscription for $33 AUD per month – and you also have access to our wonderful, info, video and project filled ‘Club Site’ while you are a member,
  • choose a 6 month subscription for $168 AUD (that’s $28 per month), OR
  • give yourself the gift of a year of art – an annual subscription is just $264 AUD (that’s the equivalent of $22 per month) and you’ll have 12 fun paintings to paint and learn from AND a whole year of access to the Club to boot.

Whichever you choose, I am doing all I possibly can to give you a really fun learning and painting experience, just as good, or better than, I am able to in a face-to-face workshop!

So take a look here, and I’ll see you in my virtual studio!


Give an online workshop

Give an online workshop

With Christmas around the corner I’ve had a lot of enquiries about how to give an online workshop as a gift.

Here’s how to do it.

Simply purchase a gift voucher to the value of the course you’d like to give. (If the denomination you need isn’t listed, please let me know and I’ll add it for you.)

Then email me with these details:
– the name of the recipient
– their email address
– the course you’d like to give, and
– the day you’d like them to receive the Welcome Email to the course.

Simple as that!

If you have any questions though, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Merry Christmas!