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Anna, your artist and guide

Hi, I’m Anna,

Your artist + guide

I’m a colourful painter who lives in a slightly mad pole house in Toowoomba with a very long cat and my two youngest kids.

I’ve always loved to make art. Being able to pick up a pencil or brush and confidently draw or paint is a fabulous way of living. It’s a gateway to Creative Problem Solving and that’s important for all of us.

Shiny Happy Art is where I share and teach my love of drawing and painting. My superpower is making art simple and beginner-friendly, so take a look around to find a subject you’d like to try.

Welcome, new Art Friend. Let’s make some art!

Are you ready to make some art?

Try a beginner friendly online art class.

Online Art Classes

These are videos of Anna’s Paint Alongs – edited, step by step classes, complete with extra notes and printable guides.

With a huge range of subjects and mediums, you’re bound to find something you’d love to paint!

Demonstration Collections

From time to time Anna chooses a new (often eclectic!) theme and art supply and paints/sketches between 6 and 12 artworks.

These have been filmed live as Anna chats about her thinking and supplies. It might just get you sketching!

Chickens Sketch

Paint Along each month

Make art a regular habit, and save $$$ with Anna’s Shiny Happy Art Club.

Each month you have access to a high quality Paint Along, in both acrylic and watercolour, and you’ll ‘accidentally’ learn to paint along the way!

In Person

Anna regularly hosts Art Holidays in Queensland, and sometimes overseas. She also  runs local art workshops for adults from time to time.

Join the ‘interested’ list if you’d like to know when we have something exciting coming up!

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‘Group Hug’ artwork

This gem of an artwork can hang on a wall or site on a shelf.

It’s my most recent flower heart and it’s crowd funding the “Shiny Happy Art + Ideas Show”.

Anna, your artist and guide
Anna, your artist and guide

Paint this flower and glass with me

I figure that if I can teach you how to paint glass, you’ll know I can teach you how to paint LOTS of things! 

Anna, your artist and guide

Online Art Classes for Kids

For little kids or big kids (ie you!), these are really fun classes. 

An amazing teacher

Anna – you’re an amazing teacher! So lovely! You used the “think aloud” strategy better than anyone I have encountered (I was a teacher and administrator for 37 years, so I’ve seen a lot of teaching). This was fun!

Margaret Donahue Sanchez

I love it!

I am loving the Shiny Happy Drawing Course, Anna. Congratulations on such a wonderfully creative and informative program. The way you’ve differentiated, to accommodate participants’ time and experience is fantastic.

Jane Roper

My skills and confidence grow every time…

I have done many of Anna’s courses and have seen my skills and confidence grow every time. I highly recommend her classes.

Gitie House

I can’t stop!

Anna is a natural teacher. She scaffolds the learning and I have so much more confidence to draw and paint now. I can’t stop.

Debbie Blencowe

Learn with monthly Classes

Acrylic and watercolour every month. Learn process and techniques – while you’re actually painting! And, as a bonus, you’ll make some cool Art Friends. And that can’t be underestimated 😉