Start a (shiny happy) art habit!


Make paintings you love and
accidentally learn to paint along the way!

How this works

Each month you receive a colourful, high quality Online Paint Along,
in both Acrylics AND Watercolour,
and when we’re done I share what you’ve accidentally learned by painting with me!

How to get started

Whether you’re a beginner, or more experienced, I will guide you, step by step.

You only need one set of paints and brushes!

Start with 24 Paint Alongs

Choose your favourites and get painting straight away!

A new painting each month

Different subjects and styles so you accidentally learn with each one.

One set of paints

So once you’re set up, you’re set up!

The word on the street

Hi, I’m Anna, your artist and guide


It’s amazing how happy a spot of regular drawing or painting can make you feel!

This is our 6th year of this wonderful Club, and we welcome new members all the time.

So, if you’ve always wanted to paint

OR you used to love drawing, or

OR you’re craving a bit of me-time but want it to be productive, 

OR you’d like some lovely Art Friends

well the Shiny Happy Art Club offers all of that and more.

What do you get in your subscription?

In 12 month’s time you can have at least 12 great paintings, and stacks of new art skills to show and share.

– Access to this month’s Paint Along, reference image/s AND printables

– Watercolour version of this month’s Paint Along

– Access to our private Club Facebook Group

– Instant Access to the 24 most recent Paint Alongs (pick your favourites and start straight away)

– Special Members Only discount offers

Subscription is in Australian Dollars and conversion from your local currency is automatically done at the time of transaction.

As at January 2024, $25 Australian Dollars is equal to:
$17 USD, 15 Euro, $26 NZ Dollars. Please google for today’s exchange rate if needed.

Here’s what you get

Instant access to 24 Past Paint Alongs

A new Paint Along every month

A watercolour version, filmed live

Members Only Private Facebook Group

Art Friends from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have enough time?

Each lesson arrives on the first of the month, giving you lots of time and space to watch, paint, or even save your dip into colour for a future painting day, and the beauty of online learning is that you make it suit you – whether you’re a Speedy Gonzales, or a more relaxed learner.

You’ll have 24 paintings from the back catalogue available for you, for as long as your subscription is current. From time to time, members also receive discounts on classes that are not in their current library.

Is this for beginners?

All of the paintings are presented step-by-step, for all levels of painters.

I do my best to be a generous teacher, and chatting as I paint, sharing my thought processes and choices.

For Club Members Only, I also paint the subject in watercolour and answer questions in our private Facebook Groups.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your subscription at any time, and your Club access continues until your current Club membership expires. When you cancel, your Club Library access and your subscription ends.

Do I need high speed internet

Yes – there are lots of videos so you really do need a decent download speed.

What supplies will I need?

I demonstrate with:

  • a set of 10 Golden Fluid Acrylics paints,
  • four inexpensive brushes,
  • a pad of canvas paper and
  • a tear off paper palette.

With these four things you can do ALL the Shiny Happy Art Club paintings. If you are in Australia, I recommend purchasing this kit from me, and if you’re anywhere else, here’s a link for you to see exactly what I use.

Meet some lovely Club Members

Can’t wait to welcome you in!

If you’d like to see what the Club looks like from the inside, here’s a sneak peek. Please note, membership is NOW OPEN.