Hi, I’m Anna

I’ve always believed art is a thing everyone can do.

My mother is an artist, so that probably helped! But even when I was studying Business at university, or during my year of Full Time Service as an Army Officer, I knew I was an artist.

Fast forward twenty years, four children and a LOT of ideas, projects and jobs, and I’ve arrived exactly where I want to be…


… sharing the joy of drawing and painting.

It’s about leading a richer life, noticing and appreciating what’s around you.

It’s about having the confidence to sketch your home, your family and your memories.

It’s about losing yourself in the mindfulness of pencils, paint and ink.

Through my online classes, original art, books and in-person events I help you do exactly that.

When I’m not sketching, painting, or having idea attacks about new classes, you will find me driving my kids to hockey and friends, or procrastinating about tidying up the garage. (But I’m usually sketching!)

Meet the Team

Linda Ely

Artist Support + Membership Manager

Linda is your go-to person for any questions about Shiny Happy Art Club membership, emails, events and what I’m up to! Everyone needs a Linda!

Lauren Russell

Everything Else and Anna Manager

Loz manages a lot of the finances and, as a professional Project Manager, keeps us all on track with planning!