If, like me, you feel like the months just slip away… may I suggest something?

One thing that helps me mark time, and acknowledge I am achieving something each month, and in turn this year, is doing my Shiny Happy Art Club paintings.

I know I have to do them – for my members and because of my committment to the Club. It’s my little business, and it is my job after all. I schedule them in.

But here we are. It’s month 53 and my collection of Club paintings continues to grow, marking productive time, learning and improving art skills. It feels GOOD. I have my favourites, and you know what? I learned something from every single one.

I hope you’ll grow from this latest Paint Along, ‘The Flower Hat’.

What’s it all about?

At a glance, it’s a classic-style painting, and look, as you know I’m always keen to pair a subject with lovely flowers for a painting 😉 (Hello #1 – ‘Flora the Chook’!)

But when you happily put your Learner’s Hat on and paint The Flower Hat with me, there’s plenty to learn and enjoy along the way.

I hope you enjoy:

  • the feeling of mapping out the shapes in preparation,
  • smudging your brush around with the background colours,
  • adding the curves that give the hat dimension,
  • layering tones to give the hair depth,
  • adding wonky but rhythmic lines to the shirt, and
  • adding your signature with pride – pride in the learning you’ve just enjoyed because you have given yourself that gift.
And none of these joys have anything to do with hanging it on your wall at the end. That’s totally optional!
If you’re a member of the Shiny Happy Art Club, I also do a live, watercolour version. This month it’ll be happening on Tuesday 6 June.
Whether it’s acrylic or watercolour paints, your painting confidence will improve with the miles on your brush. There’s a few good miles in this one. I hope you have a go and enjoy it.
I’ll see you in our virtual studio (soon I hope!)
PS. You can do this painting as a one off thing ($44, here) or join the Shiny Happy Art Club for the most affordable way to paint with me, grow your skills, and have a collection of beautiful paintings to show for your time ($25pm for an amazing library of paint alongs and more). Access is instant and you can start with whatever supplies you have on hand. What are you waiting for?