Three landmark moments from the FIFTY-SEVEN months (so far) of the Shiny Happy Art Club.

  1. When I decided to use numbers instead of months for the classes in my Shiny Happy Art Club.

    This was important because so many people are afraid of “falling behind” in a course. I wanted my SHA Club classes to be like a fabulous series of numbered magazines. You can pull any one (or more) from the shelf and you’re never behind. You’re ‘building a collection’.

  2. When I realised I could teach more thoroughly online than I could in a 3 hour, live Paint Along group class.

    This happened at Paint Along #17, “The Shopping List”. I loved the look of the fruit, veg and flowers on my kitchen bench, thought it’d be a good painting, and then realised I could actually make it a class painting! Because you can speed up or slow down the videos – or even replay them – you can see every stroke and detail. That’s almost impossible to do in a group class.

3. When I realised I was a really good teacher.

I’d been impressed before, but wow, the student work on #39, “Lemon and Limes” made me smile so wide! Once again, the reference photo was taken in my kitchen, and I hoped it wasn’t too advanced. But the results were AMAZING!