My first podcast interview

My first podcast interview

And it was fabulous to speak with Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle.

I have been following Patty’s blog for years, and regularly recommended her site to teachers who asked me about art for kids, and last year I signed up to be a ‘Sparkler’ on her membership site.

As a result of an instagram message when she was preparing a bundle of Australian themed lesson plans, Patty saw what I do and invited me to teach on her upcoming Draw Paint Make online workshop (it’s on 7 July – here’s the link for more info).

So I seriously have to pinch myself.

Now, it IS a long interview. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m painting or in the car or setting up my studio space for a class, so that’s highly recommended.

And yes, it’s VERY HARD to listen to myself speak and there’s definitely a few sayings that were my ‘favourites of the day’ and I hope weren’t too bothersome – but there’s a learning for next time!

Thank you so much to Patty for having me. I do love talking about art and acrylics, so what can I say? It was grand!

Can’t wait til ‘Draw Paint Make’ now!

I’m having an art show with my mum next week!

I’m having an art show with my mum next week!


Hot on the heels of a very successful Downlands Art Exhibition, Mum and I are having a small, joint exhibition from next Saturday!

We’ll be trying to capture the fun of the Carnival in our paintings, and you’ll see them (and us, and possibly Dad, and maybe my kids because it’ll be school holidays) at the Rep Theatre Gallery on Margaret Street, here in Toowoomba.

For a special preview of the exhibition (and first dibs!), pop by on the afternoon of Friday 16 September, between 2 and 4, and say hello – there may be champagne, I’m just saying.

See you there!

I’m well and truly back

I’m well and truly back

What can I say? It was a truly fabulous trip! 

Just over 2 weeks in Germany with friends and then 6 nights in Paris by myself… I can’t believe it either. And the 3.5 years in the planning definitely added to the excitement.

And I got to draw, and draw and draw!

Thanks so much to all the lovelies who signed up to my Postcard Project. I found that I wanted to send the best pics, so the project has continued once I arrived home, but oh, it was so nice to have a drawn record of some of the memories this time (something that’s hard when you’re travelling with kids!).

I will post more about the trip and insights in the weeks and months to come, because when I got home the jetlag got me. So it was a mad scramble to get ready for this term.


Here’s what’s been happening:

So please keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram – I’ve got plenty to share over the next month or two and I’ll be sure to add in some timelapses and tutorials.

I really really appreciate your interest in, and support for, my little business.