And it was fabulous to speak with Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle.

I have been following Patty’s blog for years, and regularly recommended her site to teachers who asked me about art for kids, and last year I signed up to be a ‘Sparkler’ on her membership site.

As a result of an instagram message when she was preparing a bundle of Australian themed lesson plans, Patty saw what I do and invited me to teach on her upcoming Draw Paint Make online workshop (it’s on 7 July – here’s the link for more info).

So I seriously have to pinch myself.

Now, it IS a long interview. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m painting or in the car or setting up my studio space for a class, so that’s highly recommended.

And yes, it’s VERY HARD to listen to myself speak and there’s definitely a few sayings that were my ‘favourites of the day’ and I hope weren’t too bothersome – but there’s a learning for next time!

Thank you so much to Patty for having me. I do love talking about art and acrylics, so what can I say? It was grand!

Can’t wait til ‘Draw Paint Make’ now!