Whetting your appetite to wet your brush

Did you know that SHA Club Members get each month’s Demonstration Collection in their Club library for free until the next Collection begins. And when that happens they’re offered a discount to purchase them. It’s a great way to learn to paint.

Why don’t they get them for longer?
Well I used to give Club Members a bit longer but you know what? Hardly anyone would do them. A longer time frame encouraged procrastination and the time and space to paint was rarely found.
Now, the main Paint Along of the month AND the watercolour version of that stays in your membership for as long as you’re a member, so not everything is frantic.
But I’m hoping that if you get your paints out to try something from the current Demonstration Collection while it’s free, it’ll get your creative juices flowing… so you might try another, and then think, “Ah, I feel like doing one of the Paint Alongs tomorrow”, and get into a happy, art-making habit.
Painting regularly is how your confidence will improve, your skills will improve, your setup will get easier and more streamlined and far out – you’ll feel productive AND happy AND have paintings to show for it!
Even if it’s just for 15 minutes every few days, or each week – and all the Demo Collections are time-efficient prompts to draw and paint – that’s why I started doing them.
They are designed to whet your appetite to wet your brush. And learn to paint. Simple.
And here endeth my sermon.

About Anna Battle

I’m an artist, guide, mother and a very handy Art Friend! 

My life’s mission is to share the joy of drawing and painting.

In 2011 I started offering in-studio guided Paint Alongs, and my first online course, 15 Flowers, went live in 2015.

In 2016 my book, Painting Party, was published (it’s still available on Amazon).

I now offer online Paint Alongs and workshops so that you can reconnect to the creativity inside you. Gift yourself the time to paint, and the guidance you need to improve your skills and your confidence. 

I invite you to join me and see the world through the eyes of an artist!

If not now, when?