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A happiness habit!

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It’s amazing how happy just 15 minutes of drawing or painting can make you feel.

If you’ve always wanted to paint, or

you used to love drawing, or

you’re craving a bit of me-time but want it to be productive, or

you’d like some lovely Art Friends,

The Shiny Happy Art Club offers all of that and more.

Each month you receive a brand new, high quality, online art class (in acrylics AND watercolours), and when we’re done, I let you know what you’ve accidentally learned by painting with me!

All for just $25 AUD (that’s about $18 US Dollars!)

Each month you’ll also get printables to help you draw, and access to a community of Art Friends just like you.

If you’ve got a lot of time, that’s fine, we can fill it!

If you have only a little bit of time, we’ll look after you too.

I’ll be your Art Coach, gently encouraging you, and showing you how to make art fit into your day.

As long as you’re a member you’ll have access to a whole LIBRARY of Paint Alongs. Choose your favourite and start there.

And because we know sometimes ‘life happens’, you can cancel at any time.

To really look after our members, the Shiny Happy Art Club opens just a few times a year.

Join the Waiting List to be notified when the doors are open again.

Think you can’t draw?

The beginning is the best place to start!


I joined Anna’s draw and paint Facebook group when we were initially put into lockdown for the COVID virus probably around April 2020. I quickly learned that Anna has an ability to encourage and teach through regular practice and gentle guidance. I joined the Shiny Happy Art Club to learn more about painting different styles, different mediums and techniques. I look forward to the surprise of what we are learning at the beginning of each month. Anna is a wealth of knowledge on all things art. I especially enjoy the artwork backstories, and her chats about famous artists and art history.

I now paint every day (well almost) as I have learnt from Anna that my ‘art fitness’ is the key to improving. I am now building my own art business with a website and selling my creations. If I hadn’t found Anna on Facebook I am sure I wouldn’t be the artist I am today.

Sahra Raward

You only need 4 art supplies

This is what I demonstrate with.

A set of Artist Quality Acrylic Paints, and inexpensive brushes, canvas paper and a paper palette. It’s all you need to get started.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

In 12 months time you’ll have at least 12 great paintings, and stacks of new art skills to show and share!


If you’re happy to plan some time to paint each month, and you’re keen to learn some new art skills and build your confidence – this is you.

Monthly paintings and inspiration

Enrolment will be open to new Members in… June… probably!

Sign up and we’ll email you an invitation.

Hi, I’m Anna

I’m your guide in the Shiny Happy Art Club.

I began teaching art way back in 2011, launching my first eCourse, ’15 Flowers’ in 2015. That year I also wrote the book “Painting Party – A Beginners Guide to Acrylics” (available on Amazon).

These days I make online Paint Alongs for students across the world, paint originals and murals, design wallpaper and love urban sketching.

Everything I teach is beginner friendly, so even if you think you ‘can’t draw a stick figure’, you’re in the right place. You just have to put pencil to paper or a brush to canvas. That’s where we begin!

See you in my virtual studio very soon,

Here’s what you get!

Instant access to past Paint Alongs

Either 3, 24 or the full catalogue, depending on your membership level.

sample 24 paint alongs

A brand new Paint Along every month

I pick a variety of subjects so we’re covering lots of compositions and techniques.

Anna and new paint along

A watercolour version of this month’s Paint Along

Filmed LIVE so you can join in real time or catch the replay

Watercolour version of "Moody Blooms"

Access to our Member’s Only Private Facebook Group page

So you can share your art and ask questions (optional)

Shiny Happy Art Club FB Group

Free access to this month’s Demonstration Collection

I pick a new theme every month!

Demonstration Collection Example

A fabulous group of Art Friends from around the world

and you just might meet someone local too!

Art Friends example

PLUS voting rights, discounts and more!

In case you’re wondering…

Will I have enough time?
Each new lesson arrives on the first of the month, giving you lots of time and space to watch, paint, or even save your dip into colour for a future painting day, and the beauty of online learning is that you make it suit you – whether you’re a Speedy Gonzales, or a more relaxed learner.

Depending on your subscription level, you’ll have 3, 24 or ALL the back catalogue available for you, for as long as you’re an active member. Members also receive discounts on classes that are not in their current library. 

Are all the video lessons new?
Absolutely! I love to paint so I film new sessions every month. Everything has been filmed and produced especially for you, and it’s all new!

Is this for beginners or advanced painters?
All of the paintings are presented step-by-step, for all levels of painters. I do my best to be a generous teacher, and chatting as I paint, sharing my thought processes and choices. For the Artist and VIP tiers, I also paint the subject in watercolour and answers questions in our private Facebook Groups. 

Can I cancel my membership?
Monthly members may cancel at any time, and your access continues until your current membership expires. When you cancel, your library access and billing is cancelled, and your account is closed.

Do I need high speed internet
Yes – there are lots of videos so you really do need a decent download speed.

What supplies will I need? 
I demonstrate with a set of 10 Golden Fluid Acrylics paints, four inexpensive brushes, a pad of canvas paper and a tear off paper palette. With those four things you can do all the Shiny Happy Art Club paintings. If you are in Australia, I recommend purchasing this kit from me, and if you’re anywhere else, here’s a link for you to see exactly what I use


Shiny Happy Art was introduced to me by my cherished friend Josie Dean. For me, it came into my life at the completion of radiation therapy for head/neck cancer. The timing was perfect. I find Anna’s lessons soothing yet challenging. I can fully immerse myself and when needed, walk away. Having a library of lessons at my fingertips gives me the freedom to choose, depending on degrees of ease or difficulty, have multiple art tasks on the go, or take a rest from them and return at my leisure. Shiny Happy Art travels with me through my life now, like a comfortable and comforting friend, that encourages me to create and achieve. Thank you Anna!

Sue Adcock