15 Flowers is underway!

15 Flowers is underway!

And it’s been a huge job! With five printables per flower and hours and hours of video, what seemed quite achievable (how hard can it be to teach 15 flowers after all) is actually a huge project that I’m immensely proud of.

And I’m delighted to say that the feedback in the private Facebook group, by those who have been able to get started (there’s no pressure to start yet because participants have two years access to the website), has been wonderful!

Read through some of the lovely comments:

I just feel so happy …. And hubby is happy that I’m at home and not out at shops spending money! But sshh! Don’t tell him about the art shop! I really am enjoying the two part process. I have always drawn – but never painted confidently at all. Watching you paint so beautifully is a great learning tool!

Loving these e-tutorials … Am learning new things with each one, improving with each one. So much fun … 

This is the best eCourse…we are being challenged and supported..by Anna and our peers. It is great…I am learning so much from our drawing and painting tasks..it’s giving me experience like I’ve never had before..very satisfying.

On Wednesday this week I completed and filmed our finale painting, featuring all the flowers we’ve drawn, painted, and most importantly, learned to ‘see’ through the first part of the eCourse.It’ll be wonderful to see versions of this painting come to life in the homes of the 15 Flowers students, all over the world!

It’s not too late to join us if you’d like to get into the art groove and actually do some drawing and painting with a fun (virtual) group!

Your questions answered!

Your questions answered!

Thanks for all your terrific questions and comments about 15 Flowers, the eCourse – the response was just wonderful.

As a result of your vote, Iris and Gerbera will be the 14th and 15th flowers in 15 Flowers.

Read on for all the messages and my answers(in red) to the questions!

I have no questions… I am leaving my faith in your awesome teaching skills to make me an awesome painting. I am sure there will be plenty of encouragement cos I know I will need it. I am excited but nervous at the same time. It is like that very first poppy painting I did. Bring on Easter Monday. Thanks Monique!

Feeling the need to do a flower paint along soon Anna! Love your work 🙂 Might see you next term, Amanda! Dates will be out mid-April.

It’s on my to do list.Wonderful, Deb! Just don’t miss the earlybird rate – it ends at midnight on Monday. 

I know, unhelpful as I cant choose… Lol
Just get through your chemo, Kim! xxx

Why 15 flowers? How about 22 🙂 Just because of my short attention span, Jude! 🙂  I’m hoping 15 is more achievable for busy people (whispering) and there might just be a couple of extras thrown in for good luck, you never know… shhhhhh ;).

How do you have some much time in your days? And what are you taking to keep your energy levels up?
I’m drinking green smoothies and Dave’s doing all the folding at the moment. (And I’m choosing sleep over exercise for just a little bit longer…!)

Approximately how many colours are needed to do all 15 flowers (to get a true colour match of real flowers I guess)? I would want to buy only the best paints but the $$$ add up when its huge multiples of colours. – Rachael, I’d recommend these eleven paint colours:

  • Titanium White (always buy the best White you can afford, ie. Golden or Atelier)
  • Ultramarine Blue, Hansa or Cadmium Yellow, Pyrrole Red, Dioxacine Purple, Quinacridone Magenta (these can be Golden, Atelier or Jo Sonja’s – whatever the budget will bear)
  • Jenkins Green or any dark green (Golden brand or Jo Sonja’s)
  • Green Gold (Golden brand) or Sap Green (Jo Sonja’s brand)
  • Fluorescent Magenta (J Burrows, from Officeworks is fine)
  • Turquois (makes Teal when mixed with White) is a ‘nice to have’, as is Iridescent Gold (Jo Sonja’s Pale Gold is a good one though!)

And you really can start the eCourse with just the drawings if you like. All you need is an A4 sketchbook and a couple of nice coloured pencils (Prismacolour are the best brand, Crayola will do the job – don’t go cheaper than Crayola). 

There is lots more info about supplies in this blog post here, but please email me if you still have questions. 🙂

How does an eCourse paint along work? What does it cost and what does that include? Keen to try this one!Sam, in 15 Flowers – The eCourse I’m able to offer so much more than I can in a 3 hour Paint Along. I have built a password protected website with videos and helpful information about how I approach drawing and painting, as well as the parts of a flower, then I will send out an email to participants, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the three weeks, revealing new information each of those days.

I have videos of my drawing and painting of each flower, talking through how I’m SEEING what I’m drawing (that’s the key thing honestly – learning to really ‘see’) and painting all 15. Then I’ll put them all together and invite you to join me as I create a painting that includes all the flowers we’ve just learned about (this will be a slightly looser style, because we now know what we’re painting and we can go loose!).

The beauty of an online eCourse is that you can go AT YOUR OWN PACE (ah, the magic of the ‘pause’ button!). You can keep up and draw and paint every day, or you can do them over the weekend, or you can just watch for now, and paint on your next holiday – there are really so many options – and you’ll have access to the website for two whole years.

The reasons it’s good to register right now and joining while the course is ‘live’ are:

  • saving $30 with the Earlybird Rate (ends Monday night), and
  • being invited to join our private Facebook group and ask questions or post your drawings and paintings as we go. I’ve committed to monitoring and participating in that facebook group extensively during the three weeks, but after that, I will need to work on other projects and will only pop in from time to time (it’s a great place for you to keep in touch with your fellow 15 Flower artists though!)

There’s lots more info here too!

I love them all..they are all wonderful, and I am so looking forward to this challenging journey! Thanks Deb – me too!

Can you include an altered art flower painting or a 3 in 1 canvases? – Hi Yvonne, not this time, but I’ll add those ideas to my list! 🙂

Do they all require the same skill level or are some harder than others?Hi Denise. I have tried to explain myself well with each drawing and painting I have done, so that it’s a course that will suit a beginner, and while some flowers take longer to draw and paint, that’s the only difference – I wouldn’t say they are ‘harder’ per se. And the beauty about doing it at home is that you have all the instruction to practice as much as you like, and you can even trace over the printables to start with, while your hand learns to make the marks. It’s a terrific way to learn and build your confidence.

You had a second 15 flowers version in your studio, a lighter one if memory serves, could you post a picture of that one also please? Hi Belinda – here it is. Sold to Susan C. just last week! I’ll be painting and videoing a brand new canvas, in my same signature style, for the eCourse – as the flowers chosen are a slightly different mix. It’ll be ready soon!

I just want to tell you what an amazing job I think you have done in preparing this wonderful course! It was great to see you still teach in the same easy understanding way that you do in the classroom too! It is such good value!! Because even at full price, that is only $8 per flower!!!! That is so cheap!) I can’t join in this time, but maybe the next one I’ll be able to. All the best Anna! x  –thanks Kay, you’ve made my day with those lovely comments! Hope you can make the next one too.

No questions….keep creating! We all need something happy in our lives. thanks Delmae! Will do!

Just a phone call to explain how it all works? Not so good on computers!! will do, Elizabeth.

I do not have any questions, BUT (!) I am so excited about this eCourse, and I am ready! Deb, it’s going to be terrific!

Can we get hold of the ‘what you need’ list now or do we have to wait until the week before (I’m sure I saw that in one of the emails). I want to get some new supplies so I’m all ready to go! Can’t wait for it to start. It’s like waiting for Christmas Day!! – it’ll be like Christmas at Easter, Sandra! See the list above and the post here for more supplies info. I wanted to finish the paintings before I sent the final list – so it’ll be sent very soon. 

Would love you to include agapanthus in the 15 flowers! Maybe you could add it as a bonus flower.
Thanks Anna – love your work.
Ah Wendy, the Agapanthus has been filmed as a stand alone online Paint Along (it’s just being edited at the moment) so it’ll be ready very soon. Promise. I know it’s a favourite!

No question Anna, but I just wanted to say how excited I am about this. I didn’t know I could sketch until I did the rose and the daisy at the bottom of the requirements list.that is wonderful, Jaye!

Hi Anna, LOVE the Mural. I dropped into Murray’s and purchase most of the items. Ended up with Atelier paints. They didn’t have iridescent gold fine and Paynes Gray in stock the day I dropped in. Just inquiring about the table easel for $20. Murrays only had deal ones, wondering if you can suggest any other places or can I purchase from you. Thanking you.Hi Maureen. Yes, you can get a table easel from me (I’ll email you) and you can definitely start without Paynes Gray and Gold – we won’t need those until Week 3. Glad you love the mural!

So there you go. Please email me if you have any more questions about the eCourse and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

All that’s left now is to register if you’d like to join in. It’s a gift of creativity really. And whether you achieve the 15 flowers over 3 weeks or 2 years, it’s a great excuse to get out the pencils and/or paints and get arty.

It could possibly make you as happy as Maeby (the studio dog) and I – here, we’ll show you how smiley we are…


Questions about 15 Flowers

Questions about 15 Flowers

For all the people out there who may not have 
participated in an eCourse before,
and have a few questions, like:

What materials will I need?

What is the cost?

Can we get our paints from you?

What does ‘live videos’ mean?

How long are the videos?

Will it suit beginners?

Do you use different techniques?

Can I email you questions?

How much time will I need?

How much space will I need?

Here are your answers!

If there is anything else that you’d like to know, and I haven’t covered it here, please let me know.
Starting 15 Flowers

Starting 15 Flowers

Joining in with the 15 Flowers eCourse is like doing some ‘art fitness’ (which, to be honest, I find a lot more fun than real fitness). And you don’t need all the glam fitness gear (unless you already have it – or have been looking for an excuse to get it) to start off.
The really good thing is that you don’t need to be a certain size to look good. It’s a well known fact that EVERYONE looks BRILLIANT in art supplies.
Essentially we’ll be:

  1. Drawing – so you’ll need paper, coloured pencils, an eraser and a sharpener, and
  2. Painting – some acrylic paints, a few brushes, some heavy paper (or ‘canvas paper’) and a stretched canvas (for our finale piece!), and of course some water and a palette (an ice cream bucket and lid will do the trick here)

To help you get an idea of how much these things cost, I have asked the lovely people at Murrays Art & Framing, here in Toowoomba, to be available to supply to Australian participants. They will happily chat to you on the phone while they walk around the store, helping you choose exactly what you need. They’ll then mail your order to you.

Please note: The prices I’ve quoted below, are correct as at Thursday 12 February 2015

Let’s talk about the Drawing bit.

Paper – I will be using an A4 Canson notebook (that came in a set of two, and which I’m now told was a Christmas special – sorry about that). But any type of visual diary or journal will be just fine.When I went down to Murrays,  we looked at three options (you only need one of these, or something like these):
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.00 am
Coloured pencils – I use and recommend Prismacolor pencils (they’re lovely and soft) and you can buy them by the set or individually from art shops. If you can’t get your hands on Prismacolor, just don’t go cheaper than Crayola (which are super easy to find!).
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.08 am
Sharpener – I don’t think I really need a picture here – I’d just recommend spending a dollar or two more and get a ‘good’ sharpener – Murrays has a Faber Castel ‘Grip’ one for $6.50.Eraser – once again, borrow one from the kids (Lord knows my kids seem to have stacks). Murrays has a ‘Dust Free’ (that sounds pretty cool) Faber Castel eraser for $1.95.

Now for the Painting bit.I use acrylic paints because they don’t smell (always a bonus) and they dry fast (I have four kids, end of story). I really like the ‘Fluid’ types of acrylics because they suit my style of painting, and need hardly any water on your brush to go a long way.Fluids generally come in bottles, not tubes – although the tubes are fine too, you’ll just need to mix a little water or ‘extender medium’ in with them to make them more … well, fluid!I LOVE LOVE LOVE Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints, and stock them in my studio. They are the TOP TOP TOP most wonderful, artist quality acrylics that I’ve ever used. They’re made in the USA, and if you can find/use/afford Golden (our Australian dollar isn’t helping at the moment, unfortunately), you should.

But if Golden is a bit of a stretch, and it often is for a beginner, and you live in Australia, please look at theAtelier Free Flow range.

And if Atelier doesn’t suit your budget, you could use Jo Sonja’s Artist Colours, or if you’re not in Australia, Liquitex Basics.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GO CHEAPER THAN JO SONJAS. Tubes of paint that cost $2.50 are not going to make you a great painter. In any way. Just don’t do it. That’s all we need to say about that.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.15 am
These colours, or colours similar to these (seriously, close enough is good enough here, we’re aiming for ‘similar but different’), are pretty much all that you’ll need (if any extras are added they’ll be listed on the website two weeks before we begin).Remember, you can mix and match different brands of acrylics! Click on the colours to see my notes about each.
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.23 am
We’ll also use a little bit of Fluoro Magentaas well – I found this J Burrows brand of fluoro at Officeworks, and I’ve been more than happy with it. In general, fluorescent paints are very likely to fade (referred to on the label as ‘poor lightfastness’) so I only use a little, but the zing it adds is fantastic!
Brushes – I’ll be demonstrating the use of four different brushes during 15 Flowers.
To give you an idea of prices, these are very similar brushes available from Murrays, here in Toowoomba:

  • #12 flat bristle brush – AU $1.45
  • #12 Round Taklon (Neef brand) – AU $6.70
  • #6 Round Taklon (Neef brand) – AU $12.20
  • 1/2 inch Flat Taklon (Neef brand) – AU $7.85
Canvas – Over the first two weeks I’ll be painting my 15 individual flowers onto Canvas Paper. This is simply textured paper that is ideal for practice paintings, and if you paint a masterpiece, can be framed. I’ll also be using a ‘tear off paper palette’, but if you can’t get your hands on them, an ice cream bucket lid will work just fine.
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.38 am
For our final week (Week 3), you’ll see me put together all the flowers that we’ve looked at in the first two weeks and paint a large canvas from beginning to end.Now, the size of your large canvas really depends on the space you have. Anything from 45cm square (18 inches) to 90cm  square (36 inches) will be fine. In terms of brands, Mont Marte, CreateArt or Liquitex will do the job. The prices on these will vary wildly, and you can find canvases in so many places – cheap shops, office supplies stores, and of course, art shops. I do prefer the thick edged ones (3.5cm deep) with folded corners (not cut).

Now, I think that’s everything!It looks like lots when I list out all the options you have, but generally you just need basic drawing supplies, and basic painting supplies. If you’ve got those, you can get started.And just in case you haven’t booked your place yet…


The eCourse begins on Easter Monday, 6 April.

Next week I’ll be answering all the questions I’ve been asked about the eCourse so far, so just email me if there is something you’d like to know. Thanks!
15 Flowers – the eCourse

15 Flowers – the eCourse

Come and flex your art muscles (especially if it’s been a while since you stretched!)
and paint 15 flowers with me.

Registration opens on 
Monday 9 February 2015 (my birthday!)

Earlybird price of AU $90 until 17 March 2015 (regular price $120)

Class starts 6 April 2015 (Easter Monday!)


We’ll draw and then paint
Lilies and Daisies and
Roses and Daffodils and
Poppies and Cosmos and
Sunflowers and eight more lovely flowers
with videos and printables for every single one.


Then we’ll take all that we’ve just learned and paint a complete canvas
featuring all these wonderful flowers!

You’ll see how I start at the beginning and map out where everything is going to go, then build up the painting in layers going from large brushes to small, and then tying everything together with highlights.

It’s SO MUCH MORE than I could ever share in a Paint Along – and it’s so exciting!


It’s a live course that runs for three weeks – two weeks of practicing flowers and a final week of making our painting.

But the beauty of the concept is that you can choose how you want to do it.

You can paint along with me, 7 or 8 paintings and drawings each week.

Or you can choose to paint only the flowers you really like (say, 3 of the 7).

Or you can just watch what we do during the week, then take everything you’ve learned and paint flowers later.

Or you can watch a bit of what we do, then wait til your next holiday and get stuck into all the videos and printouts (you’ll have access to the site for two years). I’ve done many eCourses this way.

You won’t need too many supplies – coloured pencils and paper, acrylic paints and heavy paper, a stretched canvas and a few brushes… a full list will be supplied next week.


So come join me at 15 Flowers. Click here to register and we’ll stay in touch in the weeks before the eCourse opens. It’s going to be terrific!