Come and flex your art muscles (especially if it’s been a while since you stretched!)
and paint 15 flowers with me.

Registration opens on 
Monday 9 February 2015 (my birthday!)

Earlybird price of AU $90 until 17 March 2015 (regular price $120)

Class starts 6 April 2015 (Easter Monday!)


We’ll draw and then paint
Lilies and Daisies and
Roses and Daffodils and
Poppies and Cosmos and
Sunflowers and eight more lovely flowers
with videos and printables for every single one.


Then we’ll take all that we’ve just learned and paint a complete canvas
featuring all these wonderful flowers!

You’ll see how I start at the beginning and map out where everything is going to go, then build up the painting in layers going from large brushes to small, and then tying everything together with highlights.

It’s SO MUCH MORE than I could ever share in a Paint Along – and it’s so exciting!


It’s a live course that runs for three weeks – two weeks of practicing flowers and a final week of making our painting.

But the beauty of the concept is that you can choose how you want to do it.

You can paint along with me, 7 or 8 paintings and drawings each week.

Or you can choose to paint only the flowers you really like (say, 3 of the 7).

Or you can just watch what we do during the week, then take everything you’ve learned and paint flowers later.

Or you can watch a bit of what we do, then wait til your next holiday and get stuck into all the videos and printouts (you’ll have access to the site for two years). I’ve done many eCourses this way.

You won’t need too many supplies – coloured pencils and paper, acrylic paints and heavy paper, a stretched canvas and a few brushes… a full list will be supplied next week.


So come join me at 15 Flowers. Click here to register and we’ll stay in touch in the weeks before the eCourse opens. It’s going to be terrific!