Launching my first wallpapers

Launching my first wallpapers

Article about my wallpaper collaboration with Milton and King

I’ve always been a fan of Spring.

So when I was approached my wallpaper manufacturers, Milton & King, to design some floral wallpaper for their range, I jumped at the opportunity.

I submitted nine ideas (this might have been the most difficult bit – I have too many ideas!), they chose a few, I repainted the concepts at a large scale and we had them photographed at a high resolution so that the wallpaper could be designed in house.

And now it’s real! I’ve held it in my hand and seen it on the wall.

Even better, my three designs are being launched right now, at the Downlands Art Exhibition (I’m a proud past student, past staff member and current parent… so there’s a bit of a connection!).

So wherever you live in the world, if you have a nook, wall, or entire room (can you imagine?!?!?) that would look good dressed in Shiny Happy Art, now it’s possible! It’s on the Australian site now, and will be available to the rest of the world next week.

The Postcard Project

The Postcard Project

I’m heading overseas this week – which sounds just incredible because this trip has been 3.5 years in the making (and saving!). One of my dearest friends is German so we’re heading to Germany for a couple of weeks to celebrate her 50th birthday, and then, because I’m SO CLOSE, I have a week to explore Paris. Crossing fingers and toes that the weather plays nice in the days and weeks to come.

I plan to do a lot of sketching and painting, which is something that’s more possible when travelling with grown ups rather than children, I find, so whether the weather is wet or dry I’m sure my ‘artist’s eye’ will always find something wonderful to notice and draw.

When I first planned the trip, I had a ‘real job’ and this was my side hustle. Of course, now, things have changed in wonderful ways, but I need to be creative with paying the bills while I’m away (my husband will be being creative with the school run while I’m away, that’s for sure!) so I thought up ‘The Postcard Project’… mainly because it’s been AGES since I received a postcard in the mail and gee it’d be lovely.

So if you’d like that smiley feeling, take a look at the info here and think about those 3, 5, 6 or 10 happy trips to the letterbox you have coming up over the coming weeks, building a collection of beautiful prints for your wall (or the fridge!).

You can join up for the project any time while I’m away. I have my lovely sister on the ground here at home helping with the logistics and adding addresses, so all will be well.

Thanks so much!

The mugs are here!

The mugs are here!

I recently ordered a few mugs with one of my owl paintings on them, and after getting a huge number of lovely comments and likes on Facebook, looked into getting a few more made.

And because I seem incapable of doing just one thing at a time, I chose three of my ‘signature’ designs – my most colourful favourites – that I knew would make me happy to drink out of!


I’m very happy with how they turned out – the colours are shiny and happy – and the cup is ceramic and light. In an executive decision between my Mum, new friend Melanie and myself, we compared a few mugs and were unanimous that this was the one we liked best.
The “Bloom” and “Angels” mugs have been extensively tested with hot chocolate and marshmallows, while the “Owls” mug is very good at holding a ginger/honey/lemon beverage.
The “Bloom” and “Angels” mugs have been extensively tested with hot chocolate and marshmallows, while the “Owls” mug is very good at holding a ginger/honey/lemon beverage.
Face paint and funny faces are optional.