Don’t know where or how to start when it comes to art?

Try a few of these ideas on for size.

1. Have Art Kits for all occasions

Just like meal planning, set yourself up to succeed.

My real-life art kits include watercolours, a brush, pencils and a sketchbook. Start with what you THINK you’ll need, and use it so you can figure out what you REALLY need.

  • Pouch in your handbag.
  • Pencil case in the car.
  • Art Caddy on the table.
  • Art Box near your comfy chair.
  • Mini Kit in your clutch purse.
  • Travel Kit AND LIST for holidays.

Where else could you picture yourself possibly making art?

Check out my webinar, “5 Shiny Happy DIY Sketchbook Ideas“ for my guide to setting up your Art Kits.

2. Be gently optimistic

We all know it’s one thing to want something, but quite another thing to make it happen.

What’s right for someone else, may not suit you AT ALL. But how can you arrive at a plan that suits?

Remember you’re the boss of you.

How much time and space do you have?

Work to that… PLUS a little bit.

Revise your plan each month until you arrive at the right rhythm FOR YOU.

After trying a daily practice #5minutemay, I decided that was too stressful, so I tried 4 per month (that was too little), then 52 over 2 months (too much), to 20 small artworks to a theme in a month (still too much), down to 10 (very achievable), and now I’m happily sitting on 12 per month. Of course sometimes the months are a bit flexible 😉

Find out what your art sweet spot is. Set a goal, but ride the waves of creativity enthusiastically, and know your art will still be there after a busy season too.

3. Choose an art challenge that excites you

It has to be a theme that ‘speaks to you’ so that you’ll actually START IT.

Flowers, birds, books, landscapes, animals, hands…

Pick a Demonstration Collection or a Volume of 4.

It’s amazing how much you learn simply by making art, no matter WHAT the subject – but kick start your practice with a favourite theme.

I’ve been painting and sketching to themes for almost two years now, so check out the Demonstration Collections that are now available here.

#shahands collection

4. Focus on Art Fitness

Do it for YOU. No one else.

You don’t have to be a professional artist, ESPECIALLY when you are starting out.

It’s a fitness journey. 

You may never run a marathon/stage a solo exhibition… you may never sell a painting!… but the health and social benefits of Art Fitness reach far beyond the page.

Of course, if you’d like a coach, I’m right here.

5. Start a Study File

You know what’s lovely? Learning about a subject that interests you. And it’s even better when there’s no exam to study for and no marks!

So let yourself be a student. Have a learner’s mindset.

When you notice art or subjects that you like – snap or save them.

Whether it’s a folder of photos in your phone, a physical folder or box, an inspiration notice board or scrapbook, a Collection in Instagram or a Pinterest board – Lord knows I have ALL of those! – just start studying for fun.

Ask yourself WHY it moves you and you’ll narrow your focus.

Keep collecting and you’ll never have to think, “What shall I draw or paint today?”

And if you’re REALLY stuck, I’ve made a list of 50 ideas that you can download for FREE, here.

Just like an exercise plan or goal, if you want to make art getting yourself set up is the equivalent to sleeping in your walking gear.

Taking these five logical steps will have you embracing a creative and artistic lifestyle before you know it. And the happiness is bound to spill out onto those around you.

Making for a shinier, happier year in the most simple of ways.

Let’s go.