I loved receiving this question from Louise in the UK:

What do you do with all the paintings!  If you paint something every day for 30 days that’s a lot of art!

If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, here’s my reply:

Hi Louise, great question!


I keep many of my collections, displaying them in my studio and rotating the displays. Many of them are in sketchbooks though and will never be displayed – they’re a record of how and what I wanted to sketch, on that day, at that time – they’re exercises, just like going for a jog, or doing some sit ups – that contribute to my Art Fitness.


Most of my daily paintings are small, so won’t fill a room. Some of my students gift or sell their work, or paint cards and envelopes and stay in touch with friends. The most important thing is to create for yourself. That’s where the magic happens. 🙂


Let me know how you go!


Roses Sketch