Have I mentioned I LOVE our Carnival?

And this year saw the realisation of a 10 year dream – to have my artwork featured on the front cover of The Chronicle Carnival of Flowers liftout magazine.


With a little bit of help from my friends (thank you Tammy and Melanie!) I was able to supply art for the cover, and they also wrote a very nice story about me (and Maeby, the studio dog, of course!).


The painting came to life in my studio a couple of months ago – they wanted me to use red, and I knew a face would work… meet Carnival Girl.


They’ve drawn a winner and I’ll be heading into to The Chronicle office to present it next week! I don’t know who it is yet (although a LOT of people have been asking!). Seriously happy to have had this opportunity!

Just a few more pics of how lovely it is here in Toowoomba at this time of year: