Pineapple Tea Cake – Illustrated Recipe

Pineapple Tea Cake – Illustrated Recipe

I needed a little something because we were having visitors, and we had a tin of pineapple pieces in the pantry… so this is what I made – delish with the butter and cinnamon sugar brushed over the top of each cake too!

Hope you love it (and they’re definitely yummier warm!).

Click to download a printable pdf.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.30.41 AM

The Best Banana Bread in the World – Illustrated Recipe

The Best Banana Bread in the World – Illustrated Recipe

OK, so last week’s recipe was a few days later than planned, and this week’s is early… but I’ve never been a fan of routine, especially when it comes to Banana Bread.

There’s always time for Banana Bread.

I’ve been baking from this recipe for at least five years – it’s ever so slightly adapted from a Sophie Dahl recipe that I love. It’s perfect for school holiday snacking (or lunch… as it may have been today).


Especially after running under the hose.


And I just had to sketch it.


It might be the tablespoon of vanilla that makes it extra special. And if your bananas are REALLY ripe, you can try cutting back on the sugar just a bit.

We love it around here.

Just click through on the image below and it’s all yours too!

Banana Bread small


My Silent Mandarin Cake – Illustrated Recipe

My Silent Mandarin Cake – Illustrated Recipe

So my Christmas Rumball Illustrated Recipe download was a hit!

I have honestly never received so much positive feedback and actual email and text message ‘thank you’s’ from any other post. So thank you to everyone who got in touch.

(I loved that some people found it necessary to triple the rum, or use OP rum – obviously hard time rumballers from way back.)

Anyway, I thought about it, and while I’m not keen on committing to any sort of 365 project, I have decided I can handle a 52 project – and have decided to do a weekly illustrated recipe.

So here’s my first for the year – my Silent Mandarin Cake

If you’ve been following me for years, you will have seen a version of this one some time ago. It’s still one of my favourites. In fact, I made it again tonight and you can use oranges or lemons if you don’t have mandarins (I just think mandarins are very special, don’t you?).

Why is it ‘silent’?

Because you don’t need electric beaters… which means it can be made while babies are sleeping (this was where this recipe began) or while adults are sleeping (if it’s 11pm and you realise you’re supposed to take a birthday cake to work tomorrow). Always good to have a sneaky cake recipe up your sleeve.

It’s a simple recipe to make with kids, or a super quick one to make by yourself. And it’s my gift to you this week.

Click the pic below to download. (Or click here!)

So I’ll let you sneak off and make your silent cake now… shhhh… 🙂