Not Minimalist

Not Minimalist

Here’s what I think. Many people believe they are no good at drawing and painting because they stop too soon. They get to the ‘ugly stage’ of creating and think it’s not working and give up.

I say ADD TWO MORE THINGS! It’s double the opposite of what Coco Chanel recommends – “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.
Each month in the Shiny Happy Art Club I release a new painting, and at the end of it I tell you three things you’ve #accidentallylearned by painting with me. It’s these learnings that you can then draw on to be your “two more things” to get you through the ugly stage and out the other side.
So if you’re more Iris, and less Coco, I think we can be friends. And I’d say consider joining the waitlist for the Shiny Happy Art Club. Enrollments will be open for a week in November. There’s no obligation and you might just find the #artfriends you’ve always wanted.

I know art-making makes me happy (as I type that, I remember the time I did a presentation about ‘making art’ and three of my friends came up to me at the end and told me that everytime I said that it sounded like ‘making out’ 😂😅🤣 – anyhoo, both are good).

All you need is something to draw with, and something to draw on.

I recommend starting with regular things, like sketching your keyring on your shopping list, or your earring on an opened envelope.

If you’d like more guidance check out my website and try a ‘Blue Wren’ drawing class, perhaps ‘Shiny Happy Sketching – in Quarantine’, and if you’re still loving it, ‘Shiny Happy Drawing’ is a workshop I’m still proud of after 3 years. It’ll REALLY get you drawing – and happy!

So I’d add just one word to Bob’s quote – I’d say we’re a SHINY happy bunch!