Mexichica and mixing flesh tone in acrylic

Mexichica and mixing flesh tone in acrylic

Well we’ve christened the new studio already with four Wednesday Wonder Workshop sessions and a fantastic new Paint Along – Mexichica!

We had lots of brand new painters along for Mexichica, and it was terrific to watch so many faces come to life as we built them, feature by feature.

I did save a little bit of time by pre-preparing a ‘flesh tone’ acrylic paint colour. Some Paint Alongers chose to add a little more Yellow Ochre for an olive skin tone, but it was certainly handy to have the bulk of the mixing done.

Here’s a short video detailing what that mix was made of!

Mexichica group 1 in the new studio!
4 days in 4 minutes

4 days in 4 minutes

I’ve been itching to paint a larger-than-my-usual canvas with a vase of bright flowers in it – so late last week I got started on it and timelapsed the whole thing, from wo to go – enjoy!

I’ll get this baby varnished and it’ll be available for sale at the Downlands Art Exhibition this August (and if it doesn’t find it’s forever home there, it’ll be online here after that!).

Another upside is after checking myself out from this angle, I’ve decided to grow my hair. There are always multiple dimensions to projects like this, don’t you think!

A quickie family tree

A quickie family tree

This week my youngest needed a family tree for school and while I thought we had until Wednesday, when I got home from a meeting on Monday night at 7:40pm both girls were up and waiting for me because apparently it was needed for Tuesday. Good grief.

Luckily I had stayed up on Sunday night and had organised the photos – we’ve got a big family and Facebook profile pics helped a LOT!


I had planned to get some cardboard to make it with and had totally forgotten. Luckily I found this foamcore sheet down the side of a desk and I cut up some brown paper to make this tree shape while the girls where cutting out the leaves and the photos. We stuck everything down with a hot glue gun.


The leaves were made of cardboard – I had two packs of A5 coloured card from Officeworks that were destined for other projects but came in handy for this one. I put dabs of glue on the tree and my youngest stuck on her leaves, flowers and cherries (drawn onto leaves – a bit hard to see).



We stuck on the head shots the same way and added some group pics about how our families celebrate Christmas and Easter – she’s only just started school and I LOVE those back-to-front S’s!
Then she added ‘me’ and an arrow and we were done. Into bed at 9pm. Not perfect when you’re 4 but that’s the way things go around here these days.
Took it into school on Tuesday. Forgot to take a pic with anything other than my phone. Family tree emergency crisis averted.

Now please pour me a wine. Thanks.