This week my youngest needed a family tree for school and while I thought we had until Wednesday, when I got home from a meeting on Monday night at 7:40pm both girls were up and waiting for me because apparently it was needed for Tuesday. Good grief.

Luckily I had stayed up on Sunday night and had organised the photos – we’ve got a big family and Facebook profile pics helped a LOT!


I had planned to get some cardboard to make it with and had totally forgotten. Luckily I found this foamcore sheet down the side of a desk and I cut up some brown paper to make this tree shape while the girls where cutting out the leaves and the photos. We stuck everything down with a hot glue gun.


The leaves were made of cardboard – I had two packs of A5 coloured card from Officeworks that were destined for other projects but came in handy for this one. I put dabs of glue on the tree and my youngest stuck on her leaves, flowers and cherries (drawn onto leaves – a bit hard to see).



We stuck on the head shots the same way and added some group pics about how our families celebrate Christmas and Easter – she’s only just started school and I LOVE those back-to-front S’s!
Then she added ‘me’ and an arrow and we were done. Into bed at 9pm. Not perfect when you’re 4 but that’s the way things go around here these days.
Took it into school on Tuesday. Forgot to take a pic with anything other than my phone. Family tree emergency crisis averted.

Now please pour me a wine. Thanks.