Sometimes it takes ages to design a new Paint Along composition.

I have a long list of ideas, but I need to think on them… to roll colours and compositions around in my head.

I need to know I can teach it in 10-15 steps, making sure that it’s beginner friendly and uses teachable brush skills so that we can be finished in around 3 hours.

And it needs to be something I’m happy to teach quite a few times and I’d hang on my own wall!

Plus I need to fit this designing around a full time job and the family – and a lot of the time inspiration hits but the timing’s not great… so off it dances again.

Teacups and lemons have been running around my mind for about 3 months now, and this design happened today. I think it’s a goodie. Lemons are still to come. Make sure youjoin the Mailing List to find out when I figure out the next Paint Along dates (I have to reorganise my home office tomorrow and then we’ve got a Saturday birthday…thanks for your patience!)