Prepping for a new painting

Sometimes it takes ages to design a new Paint Along composition.

I have a long list of ideas, but I need to think on them… to roll colours and compositions around in my head.

I need to know I can teach it in 10-15 steps, making sure that it’s beginner friendly and uses teachable brush skills so that we can be finished in around 3 hours.

And it needs to be something I’m happy to teach quite a few times and I’d hang on my own wall!

Plus I need to fit this designing around a full time job and the family – and a lot of the time inspiration hits but the timing’s not great… so off it dances again.

Teacups and lemons have been running around my mind for about 3 months now, and this design happened today. I think it’s a goodie. Lemons are still to come. Make sure youjoin the Mailing List to find out when I figure out the next Paint Along dates (I have to reorganise my home office tomorrow and then we’ve got a Saturday birthday…thanks for your patience!)

About Anna Battle

I’m an artist, guide, mother and a very handy Art Friend! 

My life’s mission is to share the joy of drawing and painting.

In 2011 I started offering in-studio guided Paint Alongs, and my first online course, 15 Flowers, went live in 2015.

In 2016 my book, Painting Party, was published (it’s still available on Amazon).

I now offer online Paint Alongs and workshops so that you can reconnect to the creativity inside you. Gift yourself the time to paint, and the guidance you need to improve your skills and your confidence. 

I invite you to join me and see the world through the eyes of an artist!

If not now, when?