I woke up this morning thinking about ways to finish what you start (in a bedroom still with unpacking to be done – that’s probably why).

Of course, it applies to art.

It always does.

There are the usual things like:

Choosing your project wisely and understanding your ‘why’;

Leaving perfectionism at the door and just doing it;

Telling someone your plan so you’re more accountable; and

Tracking your progress (there’s a link to the ‘Seinfeld strategy’ I like in the PS).

But what about the actual ‘starting’ bit?

Well, I think sometimes we just need the door opened for us so we can step forward. The door can be an invitation, a task, or an idea (or a literal door, I suppose).

This blog post might be your ‘door’.


A few weeks back, I started what was to be a year-long project – an A3 sized painting each week. Just painting what I want to paint. Probably keeping most of them. Experimenting and learning.

Then we moved house, changed schools, went to my Aunt’s fab 60th in Stanthorpe… Yep. I’ve still only painted one.


But you know what? When I started my #shacard project in August 2020, life was almost as busy as it is today. Card #1 was an Oriental Lily. It took about 17 minutes.

And somehow – probably because a card is smaller and I know how good a collection feels – two months later I painted Card #54, Picasso.

Admittedly he took 59 minutes. I must have been enjoying myself.

Far out! I learned so much, finishing felt so good and the improvement is pretty obvious.

It felt great to get my cards out again this week and share the videos as my Birthday Offer. It’s 54 videos for only $29 – save $25.

Even if you only paint a handful of favourites, it’s a goodie.

I think this magpie is my favourite. I love the way he’s mid-walk, and you can see the card peeking through from underneath. Last year I had some prints made to give as gifts. He’s a 16 minute video and the reference pic is included (for every subject in the collection) too.

Get the $29 offer here

And you know what?

My videos inspired Mandy Pearson to paint a collection that celebrates her home in Russell Island – and have it professionally printed! (Check out the Joker!)

A pile of hand painted playing cards

They also inspired avid traveller, Janelle Wendt, to revisit her travel photos and paint her favourite places. She’s now on her second set of cards because she knows how to make memories!

a pile of hand painted playing cards on a wooden table

Getting back to the metaphor, I ‘opened the door’, and Mandy and Janelle danced right in to their creativity.

If you’re one of the people who have taken me up on this #shacards offer, good on you. Thanks for walking through the door.

If you haven’t yet, it’s been a week since my birthday and the offer is about to end.

Remember you can buy it now and paint it any time. But I do recommend popping a note in your diary and allocating the time. Reconnecting to your creativity through art feels reeeeeeeeaally good. I’m excited for you!


Have a wonderful day!

PS. Here for the Seinfeld Strategy? Promise me that when you read it you understand that it works for art just as much as comedy. Here’s the link.

PPS. And here’s the link to #shacards for only $29 one more time. It’s a great offer!