Mojo Memories

The ever delightful Tracy Verdugo came to town last weekend and left her mark on all the lucky participants in her Paint Mojo workshop, held in my Shiny Happy Art studio.

On Day One we connected with symbols, shapes, colours and ink alchemy and let go.


On Day Two we pulled it all together, learned to let go and marvelled at all the differences in artworks created in the one space full of very lovely women.


If you’d like to experience Tracy’s Paint Mojo magic, she has an eCourse coming up, a Paint Mojo book available now and offers workshops all over the world. It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

About Anna Battle

I’m an artist, guide, mother and a very handy Art Friend! 

My life’s mission is to share the joy of drawing and painting.

In 2011 I started offering in-studio guided Paint Alongs, and my first online course, 15 Flowers, went live in 2015.

In 2016 my book, Painting Party, was published (it’s still available on Amazon).

I now offer online Paint Alongs and workshops so that you can reconnect to the creativity inside you. Gift yourself the time to paint, and the guidance you need to improve your skills and your confidence. 

I invite you to join me and see the world through the eyes of an artist!

If not now, when?