Our darling Maeby (#maebythestudiodog), my long-time muse, companion and family member slipped away from us late on Thursday 8 December. 

She gave us sixteen years of unconditional love (which is about 87 in dog years I believe), devoted companionship and silly-costume tolerance.

Her little body, that had survived ticks and accidents and, at times, a really persistent grass allergy, went to sleep and didn’t wake up again.

This dog had a love that was pure and simple and never wavered.

Maeby was a stray, who came to us when she was about a year old, covered in ticks and fleas, and apparently having already had a litter. Thank goodness she arrived – because otherwise my next child (Beth, now 13) would have been called Maeby (❤️ @arresteddevelopment) – and what a wonderful gift she has been to our entire extended family AND to so many friends in our home AND art friends in my studios over the years!

I painted and drew her a lot. But I wish I had painted her more.

Boy, I miss her.

I shared some of our family and art studio memories on Instagram and Facebook and thank you to everyone who sent their love.

They’re very special, our little ones. And we got just so absolutely lucky with our Maeby.