I’m absolutely loving my connection with the lovely Megan Neilson of  ‘Cooked by me + delivered’ and I recently asked her permission to share her recipe for Lamb Kofta.

When my family tried Megan’s Koftas not long ago the meal was noteworthy because EVERYBODY* IN MY FAMILY LOVED IT – from 6 year olds to 52 year olds!

I have bought the ingredients and made it myself since then. My Wednesday Wonderers even drew the ingredients along with me a few weeks ago. I’d just say not to skimp on the lemon in the Tabouli and to chop the cucumber nice and small (Mr 17 year old thought slicing would suffice… and it didn’t really… but I was so glad he made it I didn’t say anything!).

So click to download the pdf of this brand new recipe and add it to your collection. You can cook it too if you like!

Lamb Kofta - a cooked recipe by shinyhappyart

*except for my Vegan 14 year old who would have loved them if he ate meat. Sigh.