There are so many ways to approach a drawing. And so many types of drawings in general!

I think it’s great to find out how different artists approach drawing, just to see if their way makes sense to you.

Because I believe drawing is the foundation to good art, and being able to draw builds your confidence like you wouldn’t believe. And it doesn’t mean you ever need to achieve ‘hyper realism’ (have you seen the work of Australian artist, CJ Hendry?!!!) but if you know you can get the proportions ‘right’, you also know you can control getting them ‘wrong’ (stretching the truth, or condensing it, can be good fun and good art!).

So, here’s one of the ways I approach drawing from a photo. I use a ‘unit of measurement’ and I refer to it as ‘join the dots’. This video is about 10 minutes long but if you’re interested in drawing, or new to drawing, I hope it makes you want to get your pencil out and actually draw!

I’m also adding this video to my online workshop, “Shiny Happy Drawing”, which is well worth a look if you’d like to get some miles on your pencils and pens, in a way that actually fits in with your life.

See you in the virtual studio!