Years ago I lived next door to a lady who sold Bessemer cookware by party plan. I remember her telling me that sometimes giving short notice for an event is good, because people genuinely knew if they were going to be able to come or not…


Because it’s SPRING in Australia tomorrow, and because I haven’t spent time in my studio lately, and because I’m home on a Friday night I have decided we should paint some BRIGHT, WONDERFUL FLOWERS, live, in my Drink and Draw Facebook Group, from 8-9pm on Friday 1 September 2023. 

I’ll be painting with acrylics on paper, kraft and white, and you can paint along with me if you wish, or you can grab a drink and some snacks and enjoy some arty ‘edutainment’ (that’s education disguised as entertainment!).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll need to join my FREE Facebook Group – Drink and Draw with Anna. This is the one I created during lockdown so you might already be in there! If, not, you do need to request to join and Linda will welcome you in when she’s at her computer – so best to do that sooner rather than later if you’re not already in.
  • The live session is free to watch and join in. You can comment and ask questions… it’ll be a floral arty party.
  • We’ll start at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, or ‘Brisbane Time’). You can check your timezone here.
  • But once it’s done, the recording will be taken down and added to the Shiny Happy Art Club – so my lovely SHA Clubbers can watch it at any time.
  • To access the recording you’re welcome to join the SHA Club – it’s only $25 per month, and you’ll have access to 24 Paint Alongs straight away and lots of other special bonuses too. Well worth a look.
  • This session will only be run in the Drink and Draw Group on Facebook, with the recording only available in the SHA Club. So if you’re not on Facebook, the Club is your best option.

OK! I think that’s all you need to know! Any questions, drop me a line. 

See you on Friday the first!