Most Easters we are incredibly lucky to go semi-camping at a very generous and welcoming cousin’s gorgeous property at Wivenhoe Dam (thanks Jennie and Peter!!). This year there were 52 family members and 8 dogs, and we spent three glorious days outside chatting, swimming, eating and marveling at the amazing weather.

This year I took along the materials to do a Circle Painting with the extended family and it was fantastic. Here are some pics of the fun we all had, and the finished product we can now all enjoy.

I mixed white with most of the colours we used, so ended up with a beautiful ‘Ken Done’ inspired colour scheme. We painted with Chromacryl Student Acrylics on primed canvas.

I have also uploaded the finished images to Society6 and a whole bunch of products featuring these gorgeous circle paintings are now available for purchase. I’ve put my order in! Couldn’t resist! Here’s the link in case you can’t resist either – !

Or have a go making your own circle painting! Enjoy!