My biggest Paint Along yet!

My biggest Paint Along yet!

Each September we have a Carnival of Flowers here in Toowoomba. It’s my favourite time of year!

This year I was honoured to have my artwork featured on the cover of the souvenir lift out and get a mention inside as well.

Carnival of Flowers Souvenir Guide 2015
Feature article about Anna Bartlett

Another highlight was being asked to host a Pop Up Paint Along for the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.

The lovely Foundation team of Melanie, Tammy, Anna and Pam did all the legwork, and I designed a Carnival inspired painting for 48 of us to paint together. For this project I needed an entire squad of Beautiful Assistants – thank you Jenny, Janita, Wendy, Roma, Libby, Lauren and Diana – and together we coached all these lovely painters through to the end (which was lucky because I’d left my notes at home!).

Congrats to the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation on a terrific event and for giving me this terrific opportunity. I was just delighted with the results!

Collaboration is good for business

Collaboration is good for business


On Saturday 18 April, I headed to Brisbane to spend the morning with the terrific team from m3property who had organised a Collaborative Painting Event for their social club. The ‘Captain of Fun’, Basil Simitci (I’m not sure if that’s his official title, but that’s what he definitely was on the day) organised the tables and food and I brought the canvases, paints, aprons and brushes, and away we went.


Downlands Collaborative Painting

Downlands Collaborative Painting

In my other life I’m the marketing manager at a wonderful high school here in Toowoomba, Downlands College.

A Missionaries of the Sacred Heart College, we are regularly offered retreat days, and just before Easter all staff (teachers, admin, cleaning, cooking, grounds and maintenance… everyone!) participated in a ‘mind, spirit, body’ themed day. I was asked to run a collaborative painting workshop throughout the day, so I was in my happy place.


I ran it in three sessions and each group grew in numbers as people saw what was happening and wanted to be a part of it.


3101186_orig      1428624088

And look what we ended up with! This is a special mural canvas with eyelets in the corners, so will be hung in the staff dining room for everyone to enjoy.
If you would like to engage me for a collaborative group painting project, either on one large canvas or multiple canvases pushed together and painted as one, feel free to email and I’ll see what I can do!
With results like this, and the longevity of the project, it’s a great thing for morale!



Way out west with art

Way out west with art

Downlands College sent me and my colleague, photographer Catherine Mims, out to Charleville, Quilpie, Cunnamulla and Wyandra in late March, to run a series of collaborative group paintings with each community.

9872371_orig 9283045_orig

1428629550 5016680_orig


Every session started off in a similar way, but the end results were all very different – and totally wonderful!

And while we were painting, I learned about the districts and we talked about all the educational options available to people in the bush. It’s been a terrific way to promote the College in a genuine way and I have to thank Deirdre Williams, Downlands parent and Wyandra local, for organising and accompanying us on the trip! Deirdre is now a dear friend and the dinner she hosted for us in her home on the last Thursday night was just wonderful.

246270_orig 1103156_orig 7924055_orig


I’ll also be keeping in touch with Charleville artist, Donna Reynolds, with a view to her visiting the Shiny Happy Art studio and running a class or two! Believe me, it’s something to look forward to.

Shiny Happy Pullapart Painting

Shiny Happy Pullapart Painting

Last Friday a brilliant group of people from Hillman Morgan Financial Solutions joined me in the studio to make a group painting that could then be pulled apart so everyone could take a bit home.

And the best thing was that until they arrived, it was a total surprise!

PLEASE NOTE: If I could have possibly afforded it, I would have had a Michael Buble Christmas Carolbacking track for this video! Feel free to make that happen yourself 😉

Thanks again to Jason and his team. It was a terrific day!
Mojo Memories

Mojo Memories

The ever delightful Tracy Verdugo came to town last weekend and left her mark on all the lucky participants in her Paint Mojo workshop, held in my Shiny Happy Art studio.

On Day One we connected with symbols, shapes, colours and ink alchemy and let go.


On Day Two we pulled it all together, learned to let go and marvelled at all the differences in artworks created in the one space full of very lovely women.


If you’d like to experience Tracy’s Paint Mojo magic, she has an eCourse coming up, a Paint Mojo book available now and offers workshops all over the world. It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.