When bigger is better

When bigger is better

Late last year I was SO HAPPY to facilitate a group painting project for TRC here in Toowoomba.

This Team Building painting activity brought together 75 team members, some of whom had never met, to work together, problem solve and paint a multi-panel artwork.

I had designed the image based on the Vision and Mission Statement for the branch.

It truly was a huge success… to see all these people, from such different areas, working together to make something they’ll be proud to hang in their workspace, was so much fun for all of us.

Thanks so much for the team from TRC for asking me to help you make art, and memories, with your team.

If you are thinking about an art activity for your team, please do get in touch. There are plenty of options!

Multi-canvas Painting as Team Building Event

Multi-canvas Painting as Team Building Event

This week I was so happy to spend Wednesday afternoon with the fabulous team from Power Tynan here in Toowoomba.

Only a month ago, I met with Lauren from Power Tynan, and we discussed a Team Building event that would take the five key words from a new storyboard the company had developed, and included them in a painting that the whole team would paint.

We developed icons for each word, and I came back with possible compositions… we were to end up with two complete paintings – one for their Toowoomba office, and one for Stanthorpe, and I had to make sure each part of the painting had interesting elements for the team to paint.



My two Beautiful Assistants and I brought in all the tables, paints, aprons and canvases, and when the Power Tynan team arrived we were pumped and ready to go.

The enthusiasm this team showed for the project, and their obvious enjoyment of each other’s company, was wonderful!

And look what they have to show for it! 

I now have the artworks here at home, to secure all the canvases into their frames, so the team can enjoy a second, official ‘unveiling’ in a few week’s time.

Thanks so much for having us, Power Tynan Team! You were wonderful to work with and I hope you enjoy your new art!