Geez it’s been a busy week! 

Last night one of my closest friends rang me from Brissie at 10:30pm. She needed to tell me that after her single mastectomy, aggressive radiation and chemo, TRAMS rebuild and then a single breast reduction only last Monday, they had found a TINY grain of cancer in her ‘healthy’ breast. So she’s looking at radiation again and a possible second mastectomy and implant. Good grief. Just can’t believe it.(UPDATE – no secondaries so it’s ‘just’ radiation! 🙂  )

So I am VERY HAPPY to donate this painting to the sold out Fitzy’s Colour of Change charity luncheon this Wednesday.

It’s a very different style to last year as I’m continuing to experiment with techniques that challenge me but still feel like me. Variety is the spice of life, right? I might still have a couple of marks yet to make on it… it won’t change too much from now though.

Here are the details:



‘The Sun Peeks Through’ by Anna Bartlett
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 60 x 60cm

With this one I just had to paint COLOURI wanted to stay with the pink theme (last year’s painting made it onto the front page of the local paper which was a lovely surprise), but also wanted to experiment with more layering techniques while staying true to my signature flower and foliage shapes. I wasn’t convinced I had it in the bag until I got out the GOLDEN fluorescent paints and oh, that pink did it!

There might be just a couple of minor tweaks before delivery on Tuesday, but other than that it’s varnishing and stringing time.

All the best to Peter Rookas, Jess Sawtell and the team from Toowoomba Hospital Foundation – I hope it helps raise a stack of $$$ so researchers can find a cure for breast cancer very soon!

PS. Here’s the painting I did last year, in the photo that made it to the front page