This little business of mine has taken many twists and turns over the last 16 years. When I started my first son was one, and in fact, my business name, Shiny Happy Art, comes from watching REM singing Furry Happy Monsters on Sesame Street with him one morning.

I’ve worked my Shiny Happy Art around all four of my babies, I’ve single-parented while my husband armied overseas at times, I’ve taken on graphic design work, and most recently have enjoyed a wonderful three and a half years as the Marketing Manager at Downlands.

And in the last 6 months or so I’ve found myself absolutely craving art. 

I want to make it, I want to share it, I want to live it. More than ever before.

My dream day is spent in the studio and this year I’m making that happen.

With my youngest now in Year 2, I am throwing myself into Shiny Happy Art fulltime (with just a bit of my other love, small business marketing, on the side to keep things interesting).

So, on top of my regular Studio Paint Alongs and my expanding library of Online Paint Alongs, you’ll see plenty of extra things happening around here:

  • I’ll be sharing my everyday activities on Facebook and Instagram;
  • I’ll be emailing out a monthly printable calendar and a weekly illustrated recipe;
  • there’ll be seasonal projects called #shinyhappy30 where I’ll paint or make 30 very special original things and make them available for purchase ($50 resined heart originals will be available on Tues 9 Feb);
  • there’ll be some quality guest artists on my calendar (Tracy Verdugo’s weekend in Feb is full, and I am in discussions with others); and
  • I’m introducing ‘Wonder Workshops’ in the studio.

What are Wonder Workshops?

They’re sessions where we do wonder-ful arty things in the studio, and you book them in four session blocks for $170. Materials are provided and you are also welcome to bring your own. The group will be limited to 12 people.

We’re going to start with drawing in the first week, with a variety of mediums on a variety of surfaces, and in the second week I’ve booked an excursion to Sauce to build on those drawing skills and add a bit of watercolour. I have collage and papercutting on the schedule after that, but I will be keeping it flexible depending on the weather and other opportunities that appear.

In Term 1 Wonder Workshops will run from 10 til 1 on Wednesdays, and later in the year I plan to run some Weekend Wonder Workshops for alliteration purposes (and for people who can’t make Wednesdays).

Who’d like a Wonder Workshop?

The first thing to know is they’re NOT like Paint Alongs. These will be more exploratory sessions, but if you have been to a Paint Along and like the way I explain things, and are interested in exploring some more styles of art with me, this is for you. We won’t be trying to finish a piece of art each week. Some things will take a few weeks and you might decide to finish up other things at home. These are all about the wonder-full process!

So if that sounds like you, and Wednesdays are good for you, please click through to book the February and/or March session blocks here.

I’m rearranging the whole studio at the moment to suit both the Workshops and my Paint Alongs, and I’ve got a great feeling about both.

If Wednesday’s don’t suit, and you’ve been hanging out for this year’s Paint Alongs, rest assured I’ll be sending out details in the next few days.

Thanks again, and I hope you’ll join in and get shiny and happy with me in the studio this year!

PS. Here’s that link to the Wednesday Wonder Workshops once more. If you think you want to do it, please don’t delay your booking as it is limited to 12 people. Until I see you in the studio again, stay shiny!