Anna and Caravan Dreaming

I’m delighted to share ‘Caravan Dreaming’.

Quite a few years ago, my sister and her family set off on what was planned to be a 12 month caravan dream holiday.

Except it wasn’t a total holiday. She’d be home schooling her 9 year old son and the two younger ones would be doing their thing… let’s just say they may not have lasted even six months!

The Sydney shopping centre croc-stuck-in-the-escalator incident has become family folklore.


But obviously there were some wonderful memories made, and my sister has wanted me to do a caravan painting ever since.

So Online Paint Along #30 is ‘Caravan Dreaming’ (there you go, Lauren) and it’ll be released on 1 July.  A super colourful one, I’ll show you how to knock back the mountains to show distance, to add BRIGHT shadows, and how to paint quirky chooks!

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Not only do you get your FREE Online Paint Along straight away (right now that’s ‘Parisian Flowers’), but your first monthly painting in your subscription arrives super soon (ie. ‘Caravan Dreaming’ on the first of the month – which is only 5 days away!).

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