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My life mission is to share the joy of drawing and painting.

I have always loved to draw. My Mum is an artist so it was always an option. The fact that some people don’t feel confident enough to put pencil to paper, still blows my mind. Being able to confidently make art can have a profound impact on you, and the people around youthere are more benefits than you ever expect.

I’m here to give you the art tools to express yourself and your ideas through art, because drawing is the gateway to ‘Creative Problem Solving’ and that is important for us, and our kids.

Art is a powerful medium for making sense of the world, to experience mindfulness and gratitude, and to have something lovely to show for it.

Come say hi on my Facebook, Instagram or YouTube Channel, or check out my Shiny Happy Art courses designed to help you enjoy making art, and to accidentally learn about it along the way.

And remember, Art Friends are the best friends.

See you in my virtual studio.

Find happiness through art

Learn by doing – the theory you learn is hidden in the fun!

Build a collection of paintings to gift or keep, and make your heart feel good.

Paint at your own pace. There’s no pressure, just encouragement!

Want some guidance on where to go next with your art? Have questions on how to create the art you want? I’d love to be here for you as much as I can. And so I’m now offering coaching sessions. You can book time with me here. Otherwise, check out my Shiny Happy Art Club here.

For general questions, you can email me on But know that I often get too many questions to be able to reply to everyone, and so the best way that I can give you individual advice would be to book a call with me.

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I have done many of Anna’s courses and have seen my skills and confidence grow every time. I highly recommend her classes.

Gitie House

Anna is a natural teacher. She scaffolds the learning and I have so much more confidence to draw and paint now. I can’t stop!

Debbie Blencowe