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Hi, I’m Anna,

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I’m a colourful painter who lives in a white brick house in Toowoomba, Australia, with Maeby the Studio Dog and my two younger kids.

I’ve always loved to draw. That some people think they “can’t even draw a stick figure’“ makes me very sad. And anyway, stick figures are overrated.

Being able to pick up a pencil or brush and confidently draw or paint is a fabulous way of living. It’s a gateway to Creative Problem Solving and that’s important for all of us.

Another bonus – Art Friends are the best friends.

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An amazing teacher

Anna – you’re an amazing teacher! So lovely! You used the “think aloud” strategy better than anyone I have encountered (I was a teacher and administrator for 37 years, so I’ve seen a lot of teaching). This was fun!

Margaret Donahue Sanchez

My skills and confidence grow every time…

I am loving the Shiny Happy Drawing Course, Anna. Congratulations on such a wonderfully creative and informative program. The way you’ve differentiated, to accommodate participants’ time and experience is fantastic.

Jane Roper

I can’t stop!

Anna is a natural teacher. She scaffolds the learning and I have so much more confidence to draw and paint now. I can’t stop.

Debbie Blencowe

My skills and confidence grow every time…

I have done many of Anna’s courses and have seen my skills and confidence grow every time. I highly recommend her classes.

Gitie House

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