A bunch of pure colour

A bunch of pure colour

Can you believe the colour in this gorgeous ‘Pick a Posy’ from the lovely Rebecca at Dawn Osborne Florist????!!!

I got a special preview last week, of this bunch designed especially for me (she’d heard I was a bit under the weather)!

A Dawn Osborne Pick a Posy

Every day Rebecca features a fresh, new ‘Pick a Posy’ and sends them all over town for just $30!

Just follow her on Facebook to see them each day.

It’s been so lovely to have these blooms on my art table and now my dinner table all week. I can’t recommend Rebecca’s work highly enough!

Watch and see how the painting developed…

I’m releasing it on Instagram now and with a bit of luck it’ll tickle someone’s fancy and find a happy, new home.

My Shiny Happy Spring Project!

My Shiny Happy Spring Project!

So I’m doing a little bit of an experiment and it has to do with Instagram.

Shiny Happy SPRING 2015

Because while my heart is in facebook, I’m quite drawn to the pretty Insta pictures. And it’s pretty quick to scroll…scroll…scroll and see what people are up to, in pictures.

Each day, at least for September, I’m going to upload a new, A4 floral original, at just $55 each.

Anna with four of the Spring Floral series

This is the web link to my Insta page – https://instagram.com/shinyhappyart/, but it’s great to have the app on your phone and use it from there too.

I’m also filming some of the painting processes, so you’ll have an insight to how I create the layers of colour I love (the first one’s for tomorrow’s painting!).

So stay tuned. I’ll feed the info through Facebook each day – but we’ll see what Instagram can do too!

Thanks everyone and happy Spring!