Classic ‘Cooked’ Lasagne – Illustrated Recipe

Classic ‘Cooked’ Lasagne – Illustrated Recipe

The lovely Megan Neilson from Cooked, here in Toowoomba, is a super friend of mine.

She and her little team of talented foodies cook and deliver the most delicious home-made dinners and goodies all over Toowoomba. So it made sense for me to illustrate some of her amazing recipes. The first is ready right now – and it’s a fabulous, classic, Lasagne!

It’s been some time since I made my family a Lasagne from scratch, but it’s always the best way, don’t you think? The second best way would be ordering it from Megan of course.

Anyway, it was a delight to draw this recipe and I think it is just delicious. The LOOONNNGGG version is on your screen below, or click here and download a 2 page printable (and I’ve taken the background colour off so it uses less ink).

Bon appetit!



Chinese Duck Coleslaw – Illustrated Recipe

Chinese Duck Coleslaw – Illustrated Recipe

Every year or so, most of the women from my Dad’s side of the family, commonly known as ‘The Battle Women’, (sounds just a bit cool – my maiden name was Battle) spend a weekend away.

These are excellent weekends. It’s fabulous to catch up and I’m really lucky to be related to some incredibly interesting and lovely women.

Anyway, quite a few years ago we all went to Stanthorpe together. And one of the activities that was planned was a Cooking Lesson and spectacular meal at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism. Eight of us cooked four different recipes, then we all ate them together (with some very lovely wines).

My Aunty Sonia (with my Mum, below) and I made this Chinese Duck Coleslaw and, if I do say so myself, it was AWESOME.

Sonia and Mum

So if you get the chance to make it yourself, I recommend making an occasion of it because you’re gonna LOVE IT!

Click the image to download a pdf of the illustration. Enjoy!