Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club – four ways

Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club – four ways

What’s better than one #mooloolabasurfclub ? FOUR.

The first was sketched on our first morning at the beach (fun),
the second from a photo that night (a bit staid),
the third on the beach (while my students may have been taking bets on how long it would take me to finish it – 17 minutes), and
the fourth from a photo as a demonstration painting in our main room with (mildly) spherical perspective and only four paint colours.
There’s so much to be said for painting a subject multiple times – and if it’s a subject you love, that’s even better.
Danny Gregory of #artb4bkfst says, “Warhol’s Law: if one drawing of a thing looks okay, ten look AWESOME.”
I agree.
And I think I’m done now.
A bunch of pure colour

A bunch of pure colour

Can you believe the colour in this gorgeous ‘Pick a Posy’ from the lovely Rebecca at Dawn Osborne Florist????!!!

I got a special preview last week, of this bunch designed especially for me (she’d heard I was a bit under the weather)!

A Dawn Osborne Pick a Posy

Every day Rebecca features a fresh, new ‘Pick a Posy’ and sends them all over town for just $30!

Just follow her on Facebook to see them each day.

It’s been so lovely to have these blooms on my art table and now my dinner table all week. I can’t recommend Rebecca’s work highly enough!

Watch and see how the painting developed…

I’m releasing it on Instagram now and with a bit of luck it’ll tickle someone’s fancy and find a happy, new home.

Discovering my floral style

Discovering my floral style

Over the last couple of weeks, during these school holidays, I’ve had some holidays from my day job. I’ve cuddled and done drawing with my daughters and baked cakes and woken without an alarm… oh, and not blowdried my hair (that’s a big holiday indicator for me). I’ve deliberately not scheduled things. It’s been quite a nice break, and definitely one that I needed.

When it came to art, I knew I had to figure out some new compositions for upcoming Paint Alongs, and also get my groove on and actually put brush to canvas so that I had artworks to sell at the upcoming Downlands Art Exhibition.

I did manage to figure out two Paint Along paintings that I’m really happy with and looking forward to teaching.

Lily PA in situ

Lilies were such a hit in the 15 Flowers eCourse recently. With a bit of planning I’ve figured out a way to teach them in the tight, Paint Along timeframe.

Peacock PA in situ

And I know we’ve painted peacocks in the past, but this fellow is full of pattern and layers and there’ll be room for personalisation. He’s going to be so much fun and there’ll be plenty of opportunity for everyone to make him their own. Remember, it’s all about ‘similar but different’! I should trademark that.

Of course, the true inspiration for my new original paintings struck about 2pm on the last Friday of my holiday. And lo and behold I think I’ve finally found my flower painting ‘style’ – mixing clear, happy colours with linework and illustration.

So I’ve done a lot of painting in the COLD studio into the early hours of the morning, just to get them out of my head and let me get on with the other things I have to do this week.

Flora Graphic 3


Flora Graphic 2


Flora Graphic 1


I’ve got a fourth canvas on the go now and it’s looking promising too (thank goodness).

Now I am away for a conference from Wednesday to Friday this week, before returning and painting on stage during the Think Pink Ball here on Saturday night (I’ll be having a couple of champagnes while I paint BIG – gotta take my own advice sometimes!).

I’m also working on loading this term’s Paint Along dates and times to my new website, but need to find out a few answers to my shopping cart issues before I can release them. Please rest assured they’re coming soon, but when I do announce dates, there’s a huge rush on the site, so I really don’t want to stuff it up! Thanks for your enthusiasm – and your patience.

But as I mentioned, the studio is actually SERIOUSLY cold at the moment though – not a great time to run a Paint Along just yet. Hopefully the temperatures will be on their way up again before we know it.

Looking forward to sharing more soon!


4 days in 4 minutes

4 days in 4 minutes

I’ve been itching to paint a larger-than-my-usual canvas with a vase of bright flowers in it – so late last week I got started on it and timelapsed the whole thing, from wo to go – enjoy!

I’ll get this baby varnished and it’ll be available for sale at the Downlands Art Exhibition this August (and if it doesn’t find it’s forever home there, it’ll be online here after that!).

Another upside is after checking myself out from this angle, I’ve decided to grow my hair. There are always multiple dimensions to projects like this, don’t you think!