Ahh! I love a #collection!

One painting invites scrutiny. It’s easy to pull apart and be critical.

Two are a pair. Your eye is looking for the similarities as well as the things that ‘don’t quite fit’. And they’re often easy to find.

Three? Well that’s a ‘few’ and it’s more impressive. You’ve put some work in here and that’s admirable in itself. Perhaps you know what you’re doing. Because you’ve done it three times.

Four? Oh honey. I’m impressed. Such stamina! You’re feeling good? Great. I can see the improvement between #1 and #4. You’re getting this.

Beyond four? Well that’s the gravy, baby.

And THAT is why I paint Demonstration Collections each month. I commit to do 12. Even if you only do 3 a month you’ll have 36 somethings at the end. A Mighty Collection.

So join in and stretch those creative muscles. I’ll be on FB later tonight or head to www.bit.ly/shabirds50 to get this month’s Demo videos for half price.

So don’t be overwhelmed. Choose your favourites and aim for three. You just might find yourself doing four. You’re welcome.

Aussie Animals Demo Collection