Our lovely Shiny Happy Art Club is being refreshed.


There are now SIXTY Paint Alongs in the SHA Club. SIXTY!

Actually there are more than sixty because some months (like Van Gogh and Monet months) I designed and shared up to 4 paintings, and since OPA 29, I’ve also filmed a watercolour version of each acrylic painting!

That’s a LOT of colourful art in the last 5 years. And I’m so proud that they’re paintings that still look great today!

The reason for our 'SHA' Club has always been:

  1. to encourage you to paint regularly,
  2. to keep you inspired,
  3. to improve your skills, and
  4. to make Art Friends.

All with just one set of paints and brushes!

We started this together

Since the SHA Club began we’ve had the most wonderful response. Hundreds of people from around the world have Painted Along with me, the Shiny Happy Way, and made my designs come to life in their homes. And lovely Linda has managed all your questions and accounts behind the scenes.


I’ve moved house 3 times, finalised a divorce, juggled part time jobs and exciting opportunities, stayed home during that pandemic, farewelled our dear studio dog, Maeby, become a solo parent to my teen daughters… there really have been so many changes.

But through all of this, our SHA Club has been a constant, and I’m so grateful for your support.


I have committed to creating a ‘Shiny Happy Ideas Show’ this September.

It’s a huge opportunity to bring a lot of ideas (that I’ve had for YEARS) to life! It will involve a lot of art making, collaborations and support, and you’re the first to know!

I have also started filming a Shiny Happy Art business course, travel sketching projects and, of course, my “ArtFitApp” so there’s still a lot of Shiny Happy Art on the go right now.

For months now I’ve tried to figure out how I can fit it all in without wrapping up the Club, because honestly, I’m very proud of the paintings we have here and the way I teach them.


I’ve decided to loop the Club around to #01 and refresh every class.

This means means February 2024’s painting will be Online Paint Along (OPA) #01, “Flora the Chook”, and March will be OPA #02, “Floss Flowers”, etc.

I will update each class as it is re-released, double checking that instructions are clear, printables are included… AND I’ll record a watercolour version for Club Members (because I only started doing that at #29!).

It’ll be lovely to revisit our original subjects!

I am also releasing 3 new Club only videos in February:

  • Cool and Warm Primaries and their substitutes;
  • Setting Yourself Up for Acrylic Success; and 
  • Watercolour Foundations.




Even if you may already have some of the original Paint Alongs, I hope you stick around, enjoy the updates (including the watercolour version) and maybe even paint them again!


So what do you have to do?


Your membership continues to stay ‘live’ for as long as your subscription is current,

and we have plenty of art inspiration and painting to do!

of course, if you have any questions or concerns, simply

We’ve made so many lovely memories. Let’s make some more! 

I’ll see you in the studio.

Anna with Love Birds
Wattle and Wrens Online Paint Along
Whale in a Bottle Paint Along
Anna with Love Birds