Can't draw a stick figure?

Stick figures are overrated.

'Start with Blue' will have you smiling as you sketch - all you need is a blue pencil or pen!


I’ll share my ideas on how to approach art making and learning to draw, then guide you through FIVE projectsfitting them into the time you have, and your supplies on hand.


The beauty of an online course is that you learn and make at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like!

All prices are in Australian Dollars. $27 AUD = approx $20 USD.

Automatic conversion at checkout.

You get instant access to all of this

Seriously. It's all really good stuff.

5 Achievable Sketching Projects

to do in as little or as much time
as you have ($110 value)

Short Starter Videos

  • Identifying your 'Why'
  • The best sketching supplies
  • My unique sketching checklist
  • Why mindset matters

The #shablue Demonstration Collection

12 fabulous blue drawing projects recorded live (value $44)

Sketching Webinar

I share stacks of tips ($55 value)

Private Facebook Group

Make Art Friends
(optional, but invaluable)

Lifetime Access

So you can work through the videos at your own pace

Let's get started!

‘Start With Blue’ is available on my online learning
platform, Podia, as a one-off purchase cost of just $27 Australian Dollars (that's only about $20 USD!).

You receive lifetime access to the course videos
and can work through the projects at your own pace.

Hi, I'm Anna

I'm a colourful Australian artist.

As Shiny Happy Art, I have been teaching in person since 2011 and online since 2015.

Quite simply, it's my life's mission to share the JOY of drawing and painting and I'm here to help you find a bit of 'happy' through art.

What supplies will you need?

I demonstrate with a variety of blue pens, pencils, felt pens and paints, but every project can be done with any art supply you have.

(And, just quietly, it doesn’t even have to be blue!)

Frequently asked questions

How much time will I need?Each video is between 3 and 19 minutes long so you can fit them in at any time of your day, and do as much or as little as you want.

What art supplies will I need?Anything BLUE will do! I demonstrate with blue pencils, pens, paints and inks but you can do any project with any art supply (and I you're really quiet, it doesn't have to even be blue! Shhh!)

Is feedback available?We are always happy to offer email help at OR you are very welcome to ask questions in the Facebook Group. Anna pops in often and it's a great place to get peer support.

Can I share or teach this workshop?No, this class is just for you. Please keep your login details private and feel free to share our website and this offer if you think a friend would enjoy it. Remember, all class materials are copyrighted and may not be shared, or taught by others, without my permission.

Do I need internet access to watch the videos?Yes, the videos are streamed and are not designed to be downloaded. So internet access is required.

Can I get a refund?If you really feel like you don't get value from this online workshop and bonuses, you can email us at within 30 days of purchase, share your completed lessons with us, and we will refund your full $27.

The word on the street

Which brings me to you.


Take a step towards the joy that is drawing and sketching.

Join the other lovely people who are learning to draw, the shiny happy way.

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