I was recently asked to do a mural in a mammogram room at Breastscreen Queensland (Toowoomba Hospital). I’ve done quite a few murals at the Toowoomba Hospital over the years, and the object of the game in this room is ‘distraction’, so there had to be a lot of quirky details.
And then there were the seasons themselves of course.
But the real message is that if you’re over 40 and due for a mammogram, please go and get one. They’re free through Breastscreen Queensland. You make a time to come in, two doctors will read your images and if things are caught early you’re in good hands. I’ve had two friends go through it quite recently. Please just do it.

Pickup the phone and make an appointment. While you’re on hold, you can check out the other murals you might see if you’re a Toowoomba-ite…