While we’ve been making art and learning all about fish in the studio this term, I’ve also been filming each of the projects.

The result? Well this is the closest to the learning you would get by being right here in the studio with me.

We discuss art supplies, artists, inspiration and, incidentally, fish! You’ll be surprised by how exciting the topic can be.

It’ll go live this Friday night so if you’re free this weekend, you can make a start.

Each project includes videos, written instructions and printables when needed. I’ll list recommended art supplies but I’ll also talk about substitutions (remember, close enough is good enough! And you might learn something wonderful!)

It’s just $55 for all TEN projects and their associated videos and printables, as well as an introduction to fish themselves – and it’s a really fun way to learn.

PLUS you get ‘forever access’ (‘forever’ means as long as I have the site, and I’m not planning on going anywhere). That means there’s no pressure and no deadlines.

Here’s where to reserve your place –

I’ll see you in the (virtual) studio!

Starting the year right!

Starting the year right!

When I planned a weekend workshop called “Shiny Happy Flowers” I hoped it would attract lovely people and they could go home with two bright, floral paintings that they were super proud of.

And oh, the weekend met my expectations and so much more.

Twelve delightful painters joined me on Saturday morning, each with their own backstory on how they had arrived there, and each with an enthusiasm to throw some (Golden) paint on a canvas and make magic happen.

We talked about hero flowers, colour wheels, brights and neutrals (and mixed our own!), brush techniques, finding darks, ‘waratah tadpoles’, and line drawings. We ‘learned by doing’ complimentary colours, ‘golden rule’ composition and glass vase reflections.

Every person that attended was a delight and every painting they finished (or have almost finished!) is a fabulous explosion of colour and joy.

Quite simply, WOW!

Huge thanks to everyone who came along. Special thanks to the fabulous Debbie for bringing and sharing her legendary potatoes (and her legendary happiness) and to gorgeous Linda for all her help setting up and packing away each day. A total gem.

Steffi’s catering was top class too, I’m sure all would agree!

I hope all my weekenders made friends as well as art and that the paintings they’ve taken home are the most wonderful souvenirs of our time together.

If you are interested in a Shiny Happy Flowers Workshop, I may offer another in the second half of the year. It’s very different from a Paint Along as you order or bring your own materials, and you finish with original paintings that are all your own. I give you all I have and together we make gardens of colour. Just make sure you’re on the mailing list.

If you don’t want to wait, join us for Wednesday Wonder Workshops this term – we’re discovering ‘Fish’ for the first four weeks, and then ‘Faces’ for the last four. We’ll be learning a bit of anatomy and then completing a range of projects around each theme, studying some amazing artists, learning by doing and enjoying the fine company! The morning session is almost full, but the 6-9pm session still has a few places. Starts Wednesday 8 February for 8 weeks and all supplies are included. Click here to find out more.

New Wonder Video

New Wonder Video

I’m ready to tell the world about this next series of Wednesday Wonder Workshops.

From Wednesday 12 April we’ll be learning to see, draw and paint HERBS AND BOTANICALS for four weeks.

Then from Wednesday 11 May I’ll be showing you how I draw faces, and how you can use my ideas to design your own characters. We’ll draw and paint them, adding details and experimenting with materials along the way.

I limit these sessions to just 12 people per session, all art supplies are included and best of all, in Term 2 I’m offering both daytime and nighttime sessions.

So if you would like to join in the WONDER-full-ness, click through here to sign up.

15 Flowers – the eCourse

15 Flowers – the eCourse

Come and flex your art muscles (especially if it’s been a while since you stretched!)
and paint 15 flowers with me.

Registration opens on 
Monday 9 February 2015 (my birthday!)

Earlybird price of AU $90 until 17 March 2015 (regular price $120)

Class starts 6 April 2015 (Easter Monday!)


We’ll draw and then paint
Lilies and Daisies and
Roses and Daffodils and
Poppies and Cosmos and
Sunflowers and eight more lovely flowers
with videos and printables for every single one.


Then we’ll take all that we’ve just learned and paint a complete canvas
featuring all these wonderful flowers!

You’ll see how I start at the beginning and map out where everything is going to go, then build up the painting in layers going from large brushes to small, and then tying everything together with highlights.

It’s SO MUCH MORE than I could ever share in a Paint Along – and it’s so exciting!


It’s a live course that runs for three weeks – two weeks of practicing flowers and a final week of making our painting.

But the beauty of the concept is that you can choose how you want to do it.

You can paint along with me, 7 or 8 paintings and drawings each week.

Or you can choose to paint only the flowers you really like (say, 3 of the 7).

Or you can just watch what we do during the week, then take everything you’ve learned and paint flowers later.

Or you can watch a bit of what we do, then wait til your next holiday and get stuck into all the videos and printouts (you’ll have access to the site for two years). I’ve done many eCourses this way.

You won’t need too many supplies – coloured pencils and paper, acrylic paints and heavy paper, a stretched canvas and a few brushes… a full list will be supplied next week.


So come join me at 15 Flowers. Click here to register and we’ll stay in touch in the weeks before the eCourse opens. It’s going to be terrific!

Paint Mojo hits Toowoomba

Paint Mojo hits Toowoomba

Tracy Verdugo is coming to teach her Paint Mojo Workshop in my Shiny Happy Art studio here in Toowoomba! (I’m seriously excited and it’s hard not to put ten exclamation marks at the end of that sentence!).

I flew to Melbourne in August 2012 to do this workshop and it was just brilliant. I hope you can come too.

Email Tracy directly to book on .

Oh my. It’s gonna be GREAT!