Come and draw with me

Come and draw with me

I truly believe that drawing makes my life richer.

It’s also the basis of good painting, so that’s handy from an art point of view.

So let me introduce you to Shiny Happy Drawing.

It’s 6 weeks of step-by-step drawing instruction, complete with videos and photo stories, printable pdfs and more.

Not only will you learn how to draw, you’ll learn how to make drawing a part of your day to day life.

We’ll be taking off on Sunday 1 July, 2018, with new lessons released each Sunday for 6 weeks.

The purpose of this online course is to challenge, guide and inspire you to draw more and often. It is suitable for artists of all levels, but beginners are especially welcome.

Once you’re in you’ll have ‘forever access’ to the course and videos. We’ll be using a private Facebook group for show and tell, feedback and mentoring.

I might even try that ‘Facebook Live’ thing all the cool kids are doing!


I’m recommending that you start with a large scrap book or two (splurge on the ones with the bright white 100gsm pages – they’ll be a dollar or two!), a couple of pencils (maybe a 2B and a 6B) and a ballpoint pen. Of course I’ll demonstrate with more things (and you’ve probably got more drawing tools in your house right now), but it’s all optional.


Shiny Happy Drawing costs $99 including GST. 




While we’ve been making art and learning all about fish in the studio this term, I’ve also been filming each of the projects.

The result? Well this is the closest to the learning you would get by being right here in the studio with me.

We discuss art supplies, artists, inspiration and, incidentally, fish! You’ll be surprised by how exciting the topic can be.

It’ll go live this Friday night so if you’re free this weekend, you can make a start.

Each project includes videos, written instructions and printables when needed. I’ll list recommended art supplies but I’ll also talk about substitutions (remember, close enough is good enough! And you might learn something wonderful!)

It’s just $55 for all TEN projects and their associated videos and printables, as well as an introduction to fish themselves – and it’s a really fun way to learn.

PLUS you get ‘forever access’ (‘forever’ means as long as I have the site, and I’m not planning on going anywhere). That means there’s no pressure and no deadlines.

Here’s where to reserve your place –

I’ll see you in the (virtual) studio!

It’s ‘Inspire Your Heart with Art’ Day!

It’s ‘Inspire Your Heart with Art’ Day!

I know. I hadn’t heard of it either.

But the lovely Ruby Slippers contacted me and asked if I’d be happy to be interviewed on her radio show on 92.9 VOICE FM on 31 January, and mentioned that this national day coincided with the interview.

So I decided it was time to get back into the swing of videos and created a FREE video series painting a FLORAL HEART in watercolour.

So click through and sign up for instant access, and I’ll see you, and your inspired heart, in my online studio.

It’s great therapy. I promise!

15 Flowers is underway!

15 Flowers is underway!

And it’s been a huge job! With five printables per flower and hours and hours of video, what seemed quite achievable (how hard can it be to teach 15 flowers after all) is actually a huge project that I’m immensely proud of.

And I’m delighted to say that the feedback in the private Facebook group, by those who have been able to get started (there’s no pressure to start yet because participants have two years access to the website), has been wonderful!

Read through some of the lovely comments:

I just feel so happy …. And hubby is happy that I’m at home and not out at shops spending money! But sshh! Don’t tell him about the art shop! I really am enjoying the two part process. I have always drawn – but never painted confidently at all. Watching you paint so beautifully is a great learning tool!

Loving these e-tutorials … Am learning new things with each one, improving with each one. So much fun … 

This is the best eCourse…we are being challenged and Anna and our peers. It is great…I am learning so much from our drawing and painting’s giving me experience like I’ve never had before..very satisfying.

On Wednesday this week I completed and filmed our finale painting, featuring all the flowers we’ve drawn, painted, and most importantly, learned to ‘see’ through the first part of the eCourse.It’ll be wonderful to see versions of this painting come to life in the homes of the 15 Flowers students, all over the world!

It’s not too late to join us if you’d like to get into the art groove and actually do some drawing and painting with a fun (virtual) group!