Here’s May!

Here’s May!

The weather turned a little colder this week, and, to be honest, I quite like it when jeans are totally appropriate for the temperature!

Here’s your May calendar page:

1605 May 2016 spread image

And, for the mega organised, here’s June too!

1606 June-2016-spread-image

Here’s March

Here’s March

Each month this year I am sharing a printable calendar.

It only seems like yesterday that I shared February… but here’s March for you!

Mar 2016 spread image

And if you’re a mad, keen, planner, here’s April as well for good measure.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.40.05 AM

Hope you get good use out of them!

Here’s February

Here’s February

It’s February ALREADY! Good grief!

Thank goodness I’ve managed to do the first two stages of repainting the studio frontage and get 80% of the way through reorganising the insides, and run a fantastic first session for my new Paint Along artwork, “Passion for Life”.


It’s also been my first month as a self employed artist again, and I’m loving the freedom. Mind you, I was also reminded of just how little ‘work’ can be accomplished while all the kids are home on holidays. I love being with them, but now they’re happily back at school I can really get my teeth stuck into my to do list (now there’s an image in my head!).

As promised, here’s your February printable calendar page, and, because I know it’ll make life easier, I’ve attached March too.

Here’s to a wonderful February. It’s my birthday month so I have some plans to see through… make sure you’re on Facebook or Instagram for daily pics of the studio fun.

Here’s January for you

Here’s January for you

When my cousin wrote to ask if I had a 2016 Calendar available I actually didn’t… and then I thought – why not!?! And so I made one!

I’m going to release a new ‘month page’ at the start of each month (they’re all done now so I might actually aim for the first day of each month 🙂 ) so just click here to download January (it’s a pdf).

Each month features a closeup from my Floral Hearts series that I painted for my perpetual Birthday Calendar, as well as a quote that I really like (just underneath the numbers at the bottom of the page). Inspiration for your eyes and your head!

If you can’t wait to get all 12, just click through here and you can get the whole year as a DIY printable for just $6.

Happy new year!