And so, I’m an author!

And so, I’m an author!

About 3 years ago I went to a business presentation and it was recommended that people who seriously wanted to become an influencer in their area of expertise (and I am very keen to get people connected to their creativity through success with art) should write a book.

A real, touch it, feel it, thump it on the table… book.

At that stage I had been running Paint Alongs in my studio for about 18 months and I had a repertoire of painting subjects I could call on.

So I put together a list of publishers who might be suitable for my market (beginner/social painters) and went about preparing submissions. The first publisher I contacted was North Light Books and to my absolute delight they got back in touch with me on 30 June 2014 to tell me they’d like to publish my book, “Painting Party”.


Since then there has been a series of deadlines to provide content and photos, while they went to work asking me questions, editing and designing. And lo and behold… it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon (cue stunned happiness).

I’ll have signed copies available closer to the publication date… very excited!

Evolution of a painting

Evolution of a painting

I love watching artists paint. I think it’s magical. The way they see things inside their heads and then choose colours and brushes to bring that vision to life.

Just last week I managed to spend some time alone in my studio painting these flowers in delicious, juicy, GOLDEN Paint colours. And just in case you like watching artists too – I actually remembered to document the process!

Starting with a gorgeous natural linen canvas, I sketched my plan in charcoal before building up the background using large brushes and then progressively adding detail with smaller brushes.

Hope you enjoy this window into the evolution of this painting I have called ‘The Everlasting Bouquet’. I’ll have it available for sale soon… I’m just enjoying looking at it for a while first!