Monthly Painting Videos & Inspiration 

Let me guide you to experience
the joy of painting.

There’s no pressure, just encouragement.

And you’ll ‘accidentally learn’
plenty along the way!

So happy I joined. I really enjoy the art and the people. 

I love the community of support, that it MAKES ME make time to make art, the variety of subjects, Anna’s shiny happy down-to-earth personality, and the inspiration to take to other art.

Kali, Club Member

Monthly Painting Videos + Inspirational Collections

How to learn by doing and do it often

Receive a brand new, step by step, guided painting video every month.

Over 12 months your knowledge and experience will grow so much!

Discover more about art supplies and new techniques.

This is learning in bite-sized pieces.

FREE access to monthly inspiration collection.

12 demonstration videos  on a different topic each month.

Members also get:

Access to Private Facebook Group (so friendly)
BONUS stuff – often
Inspiration (can’t stop it)
Live videos for Club Members Only

Who is this for?   Anyone who’d like to be Art Fit!

If you’d like to:

  • reconnect to the creativity inside you;
  • learn to paint or improve your skills;
  • disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in painting;
  • confidently draw and paint with your kids, family and/or friends;
  • get out of a creative rut and do something new;
  • meet some new Art Friends and talk some art talk…


    there are SO MANY REASONS people join the Shiny Happy Art Club. 


I love your style of painting, I love your happy and encouraging personality!

You have opened the door to the world of creating art to me, in a fun and not too demanding way.

I am never reluctant to try a new piece because you have a way of walking me through it that makes it fun, even though I am not an artist, just a beginner who loves to work with colour.

Becky Johns, SHA Club Member

Heart of Flowers Paint Along

What art supplies will you need?

It’s all done with just one set of supplies.

I demonstrate with:

  • a set of Golden Fluid Acrylics (Intro set of 10 colours),
  • a Mont Marte Acrylic Brushes set (#6 and #12 round, and #10 and #16 flat)
  • an A4 pad of Mont Marte Acrylic paper
  • a cheap, tear-off palette.

Add a bucket of water and an old teatowel to wipe your brush on and it’s action stations!

I have a list of everything I use, including links, here.

Questions? Let’s go!

Is this a guided Paint Along?

Yes. Each month I film a brand new Paint Along… it’s as if you’re sitting on my shoulder, seeing every stroke I make. I explain my thought processes as I go and you’ll learn by doing.

The ‘Collection’ that’s included each month is made up of demonstration videos, but I still chat as I go and many people find it easy to follow along. 

Of course, you always have the stop, pause and rewind buttons for all of these videos!

How will I access the monthly videos?

You’ll simply log into my Podia website. You’ll be sent a link when you purchase.

With one password you’ll be able to see your whole library of Shiny Happy videos.

How long are the videos each month?

It varies depending on the topic – usually between 60 and 90 minutes total.

Each video also has a printable reference document (including line drawings, reference photos and my finished example), and written instructions.

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! We have a lovely, supportive, private Facebook group for Shiny Happy Art Club Members only. It’s totally optional for you to participate, but it’s where I do my live chats to the group. The recording is then added to the membership site.

How does the billing work?

When you sign up, you will receive immediate access to the Club site and this month’s painting. Your subscription will then be automatically deducted on the same day next month, or next year (if you’ve taken the annual option).

What do I do to ensure my membership continues?

Nothing. Your membership fee will be automatically charged every month via the same payment method you enter when you sign up.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Once you cancel, you will stop receiving any new content. All the content you received prior to 30 December 2020 will still be yours to keep for the lifetime of my website. Any content after 31 December 2020 is accessible while your membership continues.

If you wish to cancel your membership, please let us know here.

Can I ask questions about the Paint Alongs?

Of course! Just ask in the course comments, or in the Facebook group, and I’ll answer asap.

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

Just email us (that’s Anna, Linda and Lauren) at and we’ll be happy to help!

Heart of Flowers Paint Along

I had literally hardly picked up a pencil for 11 years and now I’ve got my passion back.

Lesley, SHA Club Member

Just $33 AUD per month

(that’s about $25 USD per month)

You can cancel anytime.