Here’s what you have to look forward to

  • LIFETIME, PRIORITY ACCESS to a new, high quality, Online Paint Along ON THE 1st of each month  (including video, photos and printables) – for a full year (12 paintings)
  • Extra information from me about the ‘accidental learning’ included in that month’s Paint Along – it’s ‘learning by doing’!
  • Voting rights on future Paint Along subjects
  • Invitation to our PAOTM Club Private Facebook Group
  • Discounts and offers throughout the year
  • Lots of bonus videos – the library is growing all the time! 



On the 1st of each month
A link to your new Online Paint Along will arrive in your email box! 

You can paint along with me at your own pace, and then if you want to, you can share it in our private facebook group for encouragement and constructive feedback. It’s totally optional.

I also go live inside that private Facebook group, to answer questions and demonstrate concepts. These videos are then added to the membership site. 🙂


Acrylic Paints (I demonstrate using a GOLDEN Set of 10 Fluid Acrylics)

Brushes (I use #6 and #12 round, #10 and #16 flat, and an inch wide flat brush)

Palette (I use a paper palette – you could also use a plate or plastic palette)

Water bucket and old teatowel

Good lighting (it makes a difference!)

I am currently speaking with an Australian supplier who might be able to supply a full kit – so stay tuned…


You can Paint Along with friends – from home! If you’re all members you can work on a project together, even if you’re far away.

Please note: One membership per household. Login details cannot be shared. But enthusiasm can!

When your friends join please let me know and I’ll send you all a special something as a thank you.

I’m excited for you all, already!

I can’t wait to see you in my virtual studio!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.