New Envelopes – for gift vouchers or anything you like

New Envelopes – for gift vouchers or anything you like

Just yesterday I decided to draw and paint some of my favourite Christmas decorations. They’re just so lovely I couldn’t resist, and I’m planning to work my way through more of the box!

And this morning I realised that I needed to update my special Gift Voucher envelopes going forward into 2017 (as it is ‘gift voucher season’ after all!).

So I put two and two together and created these new envelopes for you… oh and some Christmas papers and tags for good measure.


Print the file double sided to use for a Shiny Happy Art gift voucher, or just print the outside and use for whatever you like – maybe even writing a little letter… just like the olden days!

I’ve used my ornament drawings to create a repeat pattern and I’ve included three background colours for you to choose from, just like in a Paint Along, really! Click your choice of design from the four options below and you’ll be able to print out the pdf file.


Just download the 11 page pdf file and print off as many or as few pages as you wish!

Both the papers and the ornaments are free downloads for you, I just ask that you only use them for personal projects… but other than that, enjoy the leadup to Christmas.


Here’s May!

Here’s May!

The weather turned a little colder this week, and, to be honest, I quite like it when jeans are totally appropriate for the temperature!

Here’s your May calendar page:

1605 May 2016 spread image

And, for the mega organised, here’s June too!

1606 June-2016-spread-image

Pineapple Tea Cake – Illustrated Recipe

Pineapple Tea Cake – Illustrated Recipe

I needed a little something because we were having visitors, and we had a tin of pineapple pieces in the pantry… so this is what I made – delish with the butter and cinnamon sugar brushed over the top of each cake too!

Hope you love it (and they’re definitely yummier warm!).

Click to download a printable pdf.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.30.41 AM

Here’s April

Here’s April

The year is slipping away – I hope you’re enjoying these printable calendar pages I’m sharing.

Here’s April (click to download pdf):

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.40.05 AM

And for the very organised, here’s May too (click to download pdf):

May 2016 spread image